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From Sharif Hussein to Saleh Muslim

The British and French wanted to own the rich oil reserves in the Middle East and take control over the entire Middle East. The only way to achieve this was to topple the Ottoman Empire and end the caliphate. At of the start of the 1900s, they worked... more

AK Party's congresses

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) had its first usual congress on Sept. 12, 2003. On Aug. 27, the party had its first extraordinary congress. On May 21, the AK Party will hold congress, its third extraordinary and its sixth ordinary one in... more

Are you undecided?

My generation's childhood and youth were quite tough. According to our parents and grandparents, their lives were also very tough. We experienced the worst of poverty. We witnessed anarchy before the Sept. 12 period and experienced afterwards the opp... more

The new system and economy

We know why the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) says “no” to the constitutional amendment. They have “legitimate” reasons according to themselves: If “yes” is the outcome of the referendum, then the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and PKK terrorism wi... more

The new system: Typhoon after Erdoğan?

The aim and content of the constitutional amendment to be put to referendum in April is becoming clearer in the eyes of the public. Once the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) campaigns kick off and the le... more

Party-member president

Presidents used to be party members in Turkey until the May 27, 1960 coup. It was with the 1961 constitution that the provision stipulating presidents sever their relations with their parties was introduced. The 1982 Constitution maintained this prov... more

AK Party's greatest achievement

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has made many great achievements within its 13 years in power and has given Turkey a lot.There may be those who undermine all it has done, saying, “Of course it is going to do them, they are its responsibi... more

Sarıkamış, Çanakkale, Al-Bab

One-hundred-and-two years ago today, on Dec. 26, 1914, it was understood that the Sarıkamış Operation would be unsuccessful, thus the course of the war was changed. Russian Commander Maslofski says, “The Turks nearly succeeded.” Enver Pasha's overhas... more

The EU and Turkey: who is moving away from who?

Both in the West and in our borders, it is being argued that Turkey is distancing itself from the European Union, violating its values and rules and that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's policies are the main reason for this.All these claims are unfo... more

They couldn't assign a trustee to Turkey...

Following the assignment of the interim trustees to 28 municipalities upon the claim that they support terrorism, the U.S. made a statement through its embassy in Ankara and stated that they are “concerned.”The U.S. and U.S. Embassy's sensitivity reg... more

You were all there

The Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) has a 50-year past. We know that it went through all coups only to come out stronger; that it was protected by the coup plotters and that it was protected by most governments after 1980. I would like to especia... more

Westernization is collapsing

It would be impetuous to believe that the European Union will collapse because 52 percent of the UK voted to leave the EU. It is not certain that the UK will exit the EU yet, nor will the EU fall apart in the short term. The result of the Brexit was ... more

Keep going Erdoğan, keep going for the oppressed!

Why did we love Muhammad Ali so much? Because he is a boxer? Because he is a champion? I don't think so. We loved Muhammad Ali, because he spoke the truth, he stood by his word, struggled, endured and resisted even if it meant he had to pay a pri... more