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The Triangle of FETÖ, Bank Asya and Turkish Airlines

It is understood that following the failure in the Dec. 17 coup attempt, which had foreign support, FETÖ (Fethullah Terrorist Organization) has undergone a downfall process, which will continue in an accelerating pattern particularly given the fact t... more

DHKP-C, Group Yorum, CHP, Assad relations

As much as I can remember, during 1977 or 1978, I had attended a regional or international program of the PYS (Progressive Youth Association), which was on the same line as the Moscow-trained TKP (Turkish Communist Party), in Istanbul for a short whi... more

Historic Newroz 2015 and Öcalan

On February 28th, during the historic resolution process meeting, which had been conducted in the Dolmabahçe Prime Ministry Office with the participation of the government and HDP representatives, Öcalan’s calling directed at the PKK had been announc... more