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How much have we fixed ties with Russia?

We spoke about Russia with a senior diplomat from the Foreign Affairs Ministry who has long years of experience. After saying, “You know how Russians work, don't you?” he looks into my eyes. Realizing that I expect the answer from him he continues to... more

What's on Erdoğan and AK Party's road map?

Turkey is a country that does not have the luxury of withdrawing into its shell.In the north, south and beyond the Atlantic there are actors with strategic minds who seek moments of weakness, chase open wounds and take action the moment they find a c... more

Will troops enter Syria?

Yesterday morning at 9:17 am, a bomb-laden vehicle exploded in front of the Gaziantep Police Headquarters. At the time I was writing this article we knew that we had lost one police officer, and 19 officers and four civilians were wounded. On the sam... more

Will the Turkish Armed Forces enter Syria for a safe zone?

The last time I went to Kilis was in February, for a television program. We shot a three-hour program at the zero-point were Syrian refugees were located without being killed, and then went to Kilis, a city full of life. The city with a local populat... more