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Missile crisis: Countdown

Beyond the number, range and the striking capability of the missiles, there is a single political-military question that needs to be answered.During the Cold War years, the world discovered the following question that will lead to the answer: “Is thi... more

Introduction to the New World

U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law the bill “to oppose the U.S.’s enemies via sanctions,” which he signed unwillingly – as a matter of fact, which he almost openly said he was “forced” to sign – and imposed sanctions on North Korea, Iran and... more

Compatible with the US?

I would like to ask you; what kind of a link do you see between the Pentagon’s statement on Monday afternoon regarding the S-400s that Turkey will buy: “With any ally, with any partner with whom we inter-operate ... we want them to buy things and inv... more

Israel protected the crown prince that night

Black holes are being opened in the Middle East.Part of these have been transpiring. Certain top secret operations are also being "sensed." Funny business.During the time, in which the conditions the Gulf countries presented to Doha in the Gulf crisi... more

You are going to sit at the table with super powers on April 16

The U.S.'s missile attack on the Damascus regime in response of the usage of chemical weapons - while its statement is along the lines of "We don't care whether [Bashar] Assad stays or goes," is still fresh, it has been declared by Russia and Iran as... more

'Safe zone' condition for US visa

“Her Majesty's Prime Minister” Theresa May coming to Ankara directly after posing for a photograph with U.S. President Donald Trump with the bust of Winston Churchill between them – as you know, former U.S. President Barak Obama had thrown it out of ... more

Turkey-Russia-Iran plus the 'new' US...

The Syria summit the three countries had in Moscow will probably turn into a Middle East-Eurasia Summit and decla-ration in the future...The U.S.'s attitude to this meeting can be likened to a child who would be saying “it didn't even hurt” after bei... more

Glass swords

We need to explain to those who truly want to understand that famous "big map" that Syria's Aleppo and Iraq's Mosul are the "mirrors" of the deal between all the actors in the region – particularly Russia and the U.S. When you face the Mosul and Alep... more

General Akar, General Gerasimov, General Dunford...

The backstage of the two-day NATO Defense Secretaries meetings in Brussels is witnessing moments of frustration between Washington and Ankara… The square enclosing Syria-Aleppo from the Black Sea and Iraq-Mosul from the “Central” Mediterranean does n... more

Satans and the Sarmatians

If you allow me I would like to confuse you. Not much, only a little. The core of the telephone call between U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Oct. 26 was Mosul – and of course Syria, Raqqa, the Kurdistan Worke... more

This side of the table: Russia-Turkey-Israel

And there are two empty seats…They will be filled. Don't be surprised, Saudi Arabia and Egypt! For the last 25 years we have been presented with tens of maps of Turkey divided, the overwhelming majority of them by the West. Now these maps are being c... more

Russia to Cuba, Turkey to Mosul

This catchy title is not a war description. It is a special language used by the U.S., Russia, Turkey and countries connected to the region. In other words, we are talking among ourselves. “French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau: So, what are we go... more