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Who will be the 'new enemy' for the US?

The ideological battle between the two big powers was what shaped the “world system” during the Cold War period. The U.S./Western bloc was on one side, while the Soviet Union/East bloc was on the other side. Both sides had an interest in showing the ... more

Strategems in the Middle East

When the Arab Spring first broke out in Syria it was thought that the U.S. administration wanted to bring down the Assad regime. The U.S. supported and maintained this impression. This “fake impression” or “screening,” as we may call it, created expe... more

Sly logic of terrorism

The target of these terrorist attacks are the people. Our police, whose duties are to ensure public order and safety, are as civilian as the civilians who died in the same heinous attack. The terrorist organization prefers to target civilians through... more

Before 'Shanghai'

For too many moons now, the European Union's policy aimed at Turkey could not go beyond the “let us neither let them in nor leave them out” position. While many countries ruled by authoritarian regimes in the Cold War period, primarily Bulgaria, Roma... more

A little Roosevelt, a little Reagan

We can liken Donald Trump a little to Ronald Reagan. This has nothing to do with Reagan's election as president in 1981 with FBI support. Reagan showing loyalty to the red lines of the FBI's “established order” had played an important role in his ele... more

American power elites and presidential elections

Today, American voters will decide whether Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton will be their next president. And, for some time, we have been discussing which candidate will be better for Turkey. But the issue concerns the preferences... more

Marshall Plan from Putin for the Middle East!

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said they did not see Russia as a “threat” and that they did not want a new “Cold War”, during a speech he made following the defense secretaries' meeting in Brussels. However, NATO's policies in Eastern Europe... more

Sovereign Iraq, Mosul, Bashiqa…

We have expressed many times that “regional countries” instead of “exterritorial powers” need to come together to find a solution for the Syrian and Iraq issues. And again, we have repeatedly said that regional powers have the responsibility to secur... more

They did the same during the Iran-Iraq war

It would be a great surprise if the U.S. and Russia met at the same point in terms of Syria's future, because the ultimate expectations of both countries are very different. Although both powers officially state that they want Syria to keep its terri... more

Why does the US support YPG?

The answer to the question in the headline is generally answered as “The U.S. supports the People's Protection Units (YPG) because it uses it in the ground offensive against Daesh.” Whereas, when the “Arab Spring” started in Syria, the U.S. had made ... more

The EU crisis: A crisis of civilization

The referendum expected to take place in the UK on June 23 to decide on whether to leave the European Union or stay is sailing close to the wind. Although many discussions on the ineffectiveness of the EU have been held for the past few years, no one... more

What good is law?

One of the perpetrators of the bomb attack that shook Belgium, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, was deported from Turkey last year. Moreover, the Belgian government had been warned about this person. But Brussels did not take legal action against him on the grou... more

The US and Damascus's Lebanon agreement...

In my article on Sunday, I reminded my readers of Syria's intervention in Lebanon in 1976 on the grounds of stopping the civil war. The Damascus regime initially started with a limited military intervention, but then attempted to occupy the whole cou... more