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Northern Iraq’s independence referendum

The independence referendum of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which has been scheduled for Sept. 25 is still on track despite strong opposition coming both from places where the referendum will be held, and from Iraqi government and other... more

From confession to slander, FETÖ’s new tactics

It would be naive to expect that a structure, in which lies have become a common code of conduct among all the members, to tell the truth in courts today. Fortunately, judges and prosecutors quickly reveal contradictions that they spot in cross-exami... more

Legitimacy of coalition against Qatar

Gulf countries prioritizing Qatar as a problem above the myriad of other, urgent problems of the Muslim world, including starvation from Syria to Iraq, Palestine to Myanmar, Yemen to Libya to Somalia, actually explains why the problems of the Muslim ... more

Turkey sedition in Arab media

At the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the beginning connoting mercy, the ending salvation, we have reached Eid.As a result of its nature, because it was obligatory upon those before us and because it is a series of worship observed worldwide, fast... more

‘The History of Muslims’

History is not a scene which conveys past events being as they are today. Historical knowledge is a knowledge that always glides through present events, that is, moreover, remembered through present interests and experiences and that is sometimes reb... more

Before the tanks reach the Kaaba

We had said that the Qatar operation is the first step of a much greater operation that will deeply effect the entire Muslim world and that the biggest target is Saudi Arabia. Our Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül wrote much clearer. He actually called... more

The target is not Qatar but Saudi Arabia

The state of isolation against Qatar that arose with the decision of some Gulf countries is actually an indication of the precursor tremors of a major mobilization to start in the region. However, just as it is not possible to say that these tremors ... more

Coup plotter’s scenario and theater

Cases related to the July 15, 2016 coup attempt have started. In the first place of the legal process, the pleas of defendants are being heard in line with the indictments that were previously accepted and distributed to defendants’ lawyers. The firs... more