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The Qatar crisis, economic impact and Turkey's stance

The Qatar crisis, its economic impact and Turkey's stance The Qatar crisis, which is of particular concern to Turkey, has been occupying the agenda in the past days.The crisis started with Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain, headed by Saudi Arabia, cutting o... more

Foreign capital for growth

Capital stock is one of the most important factors that developing countries need. Because countries like Turkey have a dynamic population, there is a need to create new fields of employment. Therefore, it is clear that new investments and capital st... more

No panic...

The night of July 15 was a disgrace for Turkish democracy; hundreds of our citizens were murdered by terrorists who were members of a group of the illegal gang Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and it went noted down in our history as one of the da... more

The footsteps of the new Turkey

A powerful government coming out of the November 1 ballot box, has scattered the misty air ofcoalition uncertainty. The elections results have warmed the society, helped it breathe a sigh of relief, and relaxed it just as I feel now as I write my art... more

The election and expectations

Just as expectations keep our morale good or bad, they also influence our behavior. The consolidation of these behaviors lead to economic decisions. In other words, our behavior turns into consumption, saving, recreation, speculative anticipation, ... more

Foreign dependency on energy and relations with Russia

Turkey is going through a serious social and political crisis process. With especially the risks taken regarding its Syria policy, our country is being dragged into a new chaos by the day. On the one hand there is the political, social and financia... more