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KRG referendum, German elections and the markets

Turkey is going through tough times both politically and economically. In fact, it is not a new situation for us, as Turkey is in a challenging region that has a strong potential and that is, at the same time, being used as a stage for many scenarios... more

Why is the world bigger than five?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who came forward with the message of ““Focusing on people: Striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet,” became the leader of the UN General Assembly. The speech delivered by President Erdoğan ... more

When humanitarian aid is mentioned Turkey comes to mind

With every humanitarian crisis, Turkey proves once more that it is a leading country in humanitarian aid. Recently, once again, Turkey was the first country to reach out in the Myanmar humanitarian crisis. While developed countries remain silent, as ... more

Will US sanctions affect the TurkStream project?

As energy battles in the world are escalate, the struggle of the countries party to this battle to have a share in the market will also increase. One of these countries is the U.S., which has been an energy importer for years. Having made a serious m... more

Will Erdoğan’s Gulf visit change the energy equation?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, which commenced yesterday, is important in reducing the tension among the Gulf states which emerged as a result of the Qatar crisis. Turkey has acted responsibly and taken init... more

​Why does Turkey's nuclear energy bother the EU?

An interesting request draws attention in the recent European Parliament (EP) report which proposes to suspend negotiations with Turkey. It requests Turkey to renounce the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project due to the safety of the plant.Apparently, ... more

Leaders’ messages to determine G20 Summit agenda

The G20, hosted by a different member country every year, will be held in Hamburg, Germany this year. The platform that sees participation by 19 countries and EU representatives, although considered an international initiative, is actually not an of... more

Future of natural gas in East Mediterranean

The East Mediterranean Reserve has, in recent years, through discoveries of natural gas shown its potential as a source and is starting to draw the attention of the world's leading energy companies and high energy demanding countries. Hence, we might... more

‘Energy’ key issue in Qatar crisis

The effect of the diplomatic blockade on Qatar is increasingly expanding. When we look at the accusations directed at the country, it is very clear that there are different reasons behind the blockade. The most important reason is that Qatar is risin... more

Is a new equation being established through Qatar?

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain severing all diplomatic relations with Qatar is the beginning of a great crisis. The crisis is not just about the Gulf countries and its area of influence is very broad.Of course, the blockaded Q... more