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They’re preparing a doomsday war… Protect Turkey!

A doomsday scenario aimed at our region is being prepared. They are making preparations to shift the war to the heart of Islam, to regionalize it and ensure that the Muslim geography is unable to recover for another century.This is a destruction oper... more

Kılıçdaroğlu, you are a 'national security issue'

Dec. 17-25 is continuing as is.The Dec. 17/25 and July 15 alliance is continuing as is. These two multinational interventions and the partnership between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Daesh and other terrorist organizations are continuing as is... more

Sochi... A step must be taken, this war must be ended

It appears the Syrian war was started to open the “Turkey front.”Apparently, our strategic partners, NATO allies were preparing for this purpose. They knew that once Syria and Iraq were divided, Turkey would not be able remain solid, as a whole. It a... more

There is only the 'Turkey axis' for us now!

Turkey needs to make it to 2023 by eliminating all areas of conflict on the inside. It will not be possible to build a new Turkey before neutralizing the severe, exhausting, destructive political polarizations that are controlled from outside and lar... more