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This is a millennium-old showdown and we are going to win it

The visa scandal revealed all of the U.S.’s dirty plans. The failure of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the discovery of its connections with the U.S. and, the operation launched in Idlib, following the Euphrates Shield, to expand toward ... more

This is all going to happen to you too!

Those who have torn our countries into pieces will, when the time comes, face their own disintegration, separation and, as a matter of fact, their own internal conflicts.Those who have drawn “new map drafts” for our countries, for our region will, wh... more

We have seen this game before: This is a defense of Turkey

Those who present to us the development in northern Iraq as a Barzani issue alone are lying. Those who present it as a Turk-Kurd issue are lying. Those who are hiding the gravity of the situation, who say, “Why are you exaggerating it so much,” who s... more

Then we will rake up the past, place our own map on the table

The danger is greater than we predict, closer than we think. Turkey is face to face with the most serious threat in the history of its Republic. When we leave our ethnic identities and political views aside and look at it from the aspect of Turkey an... more

Read this article and put it aside

We are not discussing Iraq’s territorial integrity, but Turkey’s territorial integrity. We are not trying to secure only Iraq’s future, but especially Turkey’s future. We are trying to escape the dirty information, mental operations, sentimentality, ... more

Are religious communities a threat? Who manages this debate?

It was some time after the Fetullahist Terror Organization’s (FETÖ) Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 attempt in 2013.  There was a trip to Rome for a high-level visit and I was among the guests invited. While chatting with other guests in the hotel lobby, a write... more