So, should we fight in Anatolia rather than in Afrin? Is this what you are saying?

The project carried out through Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani in northern Iraq and the project carried out through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party (PYD) in northern Syria are a single plan. Qandil and Erbil have been identified as the two fierce fronts of the same multinational chain of interventions.

Similar to Iraq and Syria, Kirkuk and Aleppo are victims of the same game. The north of both countries are exposed to complete deportation, a cleansing plan is being applied, a zone that is completely foreign to our countries and people is being built.

A major plan is being carried out in these two countries through ethnic nationalism and the Daesh identity; pillaging and destruction are carried to our cities. All of these terrorist organizations have been raised and bred and released on the ground to bring the countries in the region to their knees and to downsize them.

 The next step is Turkey! Hiding the threat is betrayal

They are all external invaders, the hitmen of foreign armies. They are the leading forces of the foreign armies that are invading Mesopotamia and Anatolia step by step. A kind of World War I period invasion map is being applied. They are the members of an invasion similar to the raid of the Crusaders on the region.

The destruction planned in Iraq and Syria will turn next to Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is clear; both the intention and the program are clear. It is a great disappointment, mindlessness, blindness to not see this truth, this dangerous plan for the future.

Hiding this threat, these plans is betrayal; it is an insult to all the nations, countries and people in the region. With this being the case, not only the organizations, but those marketing the agendas of the bosses behind them, are the members of the mental terrorism that will soon be brought to the ground to divide Turkey.

 ‘Internal invaders’… Henry Levy preppies!

While Turkey’s intellectual circle is applying a mental blackout in the face of everything happening, if Westerners like Bernard Henry Levy are going to supervise terrorist training at camps, if invasion forces are flocking to our regions with all their elements, then that means a great fight awaits us inside.

If our own people are trying to bring it down to the Kurdish issue, bring it down to the ethnic issue, if they are continuing to write articles on how “humanitarian” the situation is, if they are continuing to produce reasons for “justification” on television programs, while they are doing this, then “internal invasion” extensions become a serious national security issue for Turkey.

This line is the line to defend Anatolia

The war that we think is happening in Syria and Iraq today is actually Turkey’s war. The defense we need to put up there today is to defend not only the integrity of the region, but also to defend Anatolia. The storm that has burned down cities of Iraq and Syria and turned them into ruins will soon turn toward the cities of Anatolia.

The political mind of a country that fought for independence, that fought on every inch of land of the region will not – and should not – be defeated by the deliriums of the group of “internal invaders.”

Our likelihood of having to build inside Turkey the defense line we failed to build in Syria and Iraq by paying a heavy price is quite high. I personally think this is a painful fact rather than being a mere possibility.

 They are doing this to open the ‘Turkey front’

This is known, preparations are being made accordingly, but those certain circles are making extraordinary effort to negate this. Their efforts are completely foreign, ordered from the outside; they are connected to the invasions in the region, they are part of the U.S.’s and Israel’s garrison plans and connected to the bosses of the July 15 coup attempt.

Those who say, “Careful, don’t intervene, are you going to lead the country into war,” know that the war will be spread into Turkey tomorrow and they are trying to buy some time to distract Turkey, to inactivate it and blind our people until they receive the “Open the Turkey front” instruction.

 Erdoğan, nationalization and the great showdown

There is a cut-throat battle between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s bitter speeches woven with historical facts and the plans of these circles. Because there is a deadly showdown between Turkey’s nationalization and the multinational will.

If we were to look at the history of the last century alone, if we were to make a summary for two nights only, there will be nothing left that we do not understand about the kind of dirty plans being made. This summary of history alone will even be enough to guide us to the right path, to wake us up. It will draw a road map for our politicians, journalists and security circles.

We are talking about a map, is there anybody who still doesn’t understand?

We are discussing no ethnic issue here. We are not discussing restricted conjunctural relations, friendships or enmities. We are complaining of the lack of memory imposed on us before even a century has passed. We are talking about the price this blindness will have our country pay in the next couple of years.

We are talking about a map. A map of Turkey laid on the table. We are talking about a major plan, a finely worked dirty project that has reached our door, that has actually been approaching step by step for the last three decades, but which we could never fully understand.

We are saying that through the multinational invasion conducted through the PKK/PYD, by further growing the plan with the addition of Barzani, through the division of Iraq and Syria, a much greater division map is going to be pushed onto every country.

 Those know-it-all, arrogant men

While this is the situation, we are talking about the people who have become the spokespersons of the plans of those certain know-it-all, arrogant circles putting our people, our country to sleep and blinding them, about their attempts to re-market every pain we experienced post-World War I under certain camouflages with their “very valuable minds.”

We are talking about a national stance, a geopolitical view, about making a future plan by using the deep historical experiences today, about the sly operations carried out especially on the “inside” against that national stance.

 A country cannot be protected from the zero point

No state can stop the danger at the zero point of the border. No country will or can tolerate those getting ready to carry the war into their country. No intervention, not being able to intervene in what is happening in Iraq and Syria means to accept the war to happen inside the country tomorrow.

Those who tell us, “Don’t interfere” in the terrorist corridor formed in the region and which aims only to siege Turkey, don’t interfere in that “Israel zone,” should be asked: “So what, will we be fighting in Sivas, in Maraş, in Mersin tomorrow? Is this what you are saying?”

 If we fear intervention, we cannot defend Anatolia

This is not war, it is homeland defense. Intervening in Afrin, in Manbij, in Ayn al-Arab and in the depths of northern Iraq is homeland defense. It is the effort to prevent a much greater war.

Within a year we are going to see Israeli military bases, missile bases, air defense systems at our border and then, we are not even going to be able to move. I repeat: If we are unable to intervene in those regions no matter what, that war will soon be carried into Anatolia, into its cities. We need to choose whether we want to fight on the inside or on the other side of the border.