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A man who has a problem with the Qatar crisis

I am constantly talking to you about strategy, politics, plans and programs in this column like I have nothing else to do. I am asking the position taken by institutes in crises, the strategic moves they will make and their global game plans, et cete... more

What is the real reason behind the Qatar crisis?

This is called a "crackdown movement.” We cannot explain what is being done to Qatar with any other diplomatic concept. They literally cracked down on the country in a day.Seven countries, including the Maldives (I wonder what pushed it to do so), bl... more

What's happening in Silivri?

I came to my senses after reading the martyr's wife Ayşe Kantarcı and the martyr's son Alparslan Cambaz's reproachful social media messages. These two esteemed people had complained about there being nobody to watch the hearings that started in Siliv... more

The Sputnik crisis and science schools

In 1957, Soviet Russia launches a satellite named “Sputnik" into space before the U.S. and orbits it with success. The incident that goes into history as the “Sputnik Crisis" begins at this moment.The one who sends a satellite into space could releas... more

Expectations from the AK Party

I hadn't been visiting Ankara for some time now. I am here to watch the most important congress of late at location. The weather is cold, skies grey and expectations high. Every segment from the party to the media, from politics to the economy had an... more

AK Party's slogans and dreams

The late Erol Olçok's mind and elbow grease had influence on all Justice and Development Party (AK Party) congresses. He had influence on all the slogans, images, designs and hall decorations. I found a study showing the main slogans used in all the ... more

Alternative facts Virtual politics

The first person to use the term "alternative facts" in politics is U.S. President Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer. Spicer claimed that participation in Trump's swearing-in was higher than Barack Obama's. A journalist also put together ph... more

The fight within the EU and the US's new power center

London The fight within the European Union is actually greater, deeper and rougher than their fight against Turkey. It just has not yet fully surfaced. The statement "The EU is threatening us, intervening in elections" made yesterday by Turkish Prim... more

Toward the second Andalusia in Europe

There are two histories I haven't had a chance to read about: Algeria and Andalusia. I didn't have the courage to read about Algerian history as Algeria has suffered greatly during the French occupation between 1830 and 1962. When I visited the genoc... more

Damascus gate; the pain of leaving

Jerusalem It is as if they know what is happening street by street. They are explaining what they experienced in every street, in every neighborhood. “They came and seized this place to make a monument saying 'there is a Jewish saint's tomb here.' Th... more

Lonely Jerusalem

JERUSALEM It's early in the morning as we enter Jerusalem through the Zahra door, the door through which Salahuddin al-Ayyubi entered the city. I touch the walls as I walk by to feel the history that this ancient city has accumulated over thousands ... more

Look at our problem and what they bother with

I have received loads of messages since the early morning. Apparently, the known hitmen were interpreting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's comments upon his return from India on TV and social media. Based on their comments, Erdoğan was scolding the c... more

While waiting for Erdoğan

Everyone is waiting for the decisions President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to make. The tension that was supposed to decrease after the April 16 referendum, the road map that is expected to be planned, and the policies the Justice and Developme... more