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The ‘Israel Spring’

It was the days when the Arab Spring started to rise as a big wave in the Middle East. As Anadolu Agency, we started broadcasting in Arabic. We went on a promotion tour. I was with Turan Kışlakçı, the founding editor of the Arabic service. The year w... more

Do we really believe in the same Islam?

As many as 300 people died, with nearly 500 others wounded in the bomb attack when a truck laden with explosives was detonated at the entrance of Safari Hotel in Somali capital Mogadishu. They were all civilians. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for... more

Eurasia? Or the Atlantic? Choose one of the blocs

It would have been easier in the past. You would choose either the East bloc or the West bloc, and your side would be clear. It is a bipolar world, as the name suggests. You would choose one of the two and become a “pole star.”Since Turkey is a membe... more

The country is under attack, but we have shortcomings too

There are many people in the country who produce conspiracy theories. Also, it is obvious that some things are not conspiracy theories. The country is under attack; they make new attempts every day. This is not a conspiracy theory anymore. However, w... more

Who are winners and losers of the referendum crisis?

It is a painful plan. The plans of states are cruel and devoid of feelings. Even in wars and crises in which people die, they ask: “What have we won, what have we lost?” The plans are made according to winners. It is strange, but it’s a political rea... more

Metal Storm… The US-Turkey fight

It was 2004. Parliament Chairman Bülent Arınç had established the “Democracy Committee,” which had a deputy from each party, to improve the operation of Parliament.By the end of 2004, this committee made a visit to the U.S. to make various contacts. ... more

What is the Middle East vision of the Muslims?

I think everybody has a Middle East project. The U.S.’s Great Middle East Project has been spoken of for years. Although half of it is speculation and it varied during the presidency of Bush, Obama and Trump, the U.S. has a Middle East project.Middle... more

What would Turkey’s Kurds say about ‘Kurdistan?’

The Kurdistan map going around comprises of territories from four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.It is controversial who drew the map and when that map (there are different maps) was drawn and according to what it was designed. However, it i... more

State mind Nationalist subconscious Kurdish-Turkish crisis

Why can’t we stay calm? Why are we enslaved by emotional outbursts? When we are in a period where we are supposed to think a thousand times on each step we will take and every word that we will speak. Such periods are the testing times for the govern... more

What has Barzani harmed?

The obstinacy in holding the referendum primarily caused harm to the sense of trust. I guess this is the matter that I cared about most in this crisis. There was nothing I cared more about more than the message of brotherhood given to the whole count... more

The problem of understanding and solving crises

Just three- four years ago, “breaking news” with an urgent code was rare. Because we had smaller crises and problems back then.Now, however, we have "breaking news" alarms on our phones almost every hour. We feel as if we are constantly on pins and n... more

Missing the exit in the ‘referendum bluff’

Why has Masoud Barzani gone down a very risky path such as the referendum in northern Iraq?From the very beginning, I have thought that this was a bluff. The reason is that Barzani has been too confined in the region and raised the referendum card as... more