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Would you like us to hand over Istanbul, too?

Northern Iraq's referendum was held despite objections from neighboring countries. But that referendum did not consist of a referendum alone. According to yesterday’s news, the foreign minister of Bashar Assad's regime said, in reference to the Kurdi... more

Is the Middle East being Balkanized? - II

In my article titled, “Is the Middle East being Balkanized?” published last Friday, I evaluated Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani’s referendum decision and mentioned the term balkanization, saying that sectarianism did not ... more

Northern Iraq referendum: Is the Middle East being Balkanized?

News wires reported yesterday that Iraqi Parliament removed Kirkuk governor Najmaddin Kareem with a unanimous vote. Accordingly, Kareem gathered Kurdish members in the provincial council and decided to fly the flag of the Kurdistan Regional Governmen... more

For Rakhine…

I had the opportunity to visit Rakhine state in August about five years ago. The camp that we visited was called Baw Du Pha. In a region where monsoon rains start in May and continue relentlessly until November, turning the area into a sea of mud and... more

The Syrians matter should be taken seriously

Looking back, it was only early last month that I wrote a review on refugees based on Turkish pop singer Demet Akalın’s statement, “Syrians should go back home.” When, shortly after the article, nine-months pregnant Emani Errahman who was raped was t... more

Qatar’s disintegration

Ever since the Qatar crisis broke out, we have been reading various comments, conspiracy theories and war scenarios in the media. Each column brings forth a different actor; they do it in such a chic cause-effect relationship that the reader says, ok... more

The Gulf crisis came out of the ‘magic orb’

The policy of “isolation”, a popular form of punishment in interpersonal relations, because it works every time, determining countries’ diplomacies so openly and quickly, honestly surprised me. “Isolation,” which can also be defined as the act of joi... more

Coup plotters are innocent, we are guilty​​

The Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) umbrella case has begun and the first hearing was held yesterday. Initially, 38 "Peace at Home Council" member suspects attended the hearing. Among these suspects, former Air Force Commander Akın Öztürk, cla... more

Is the world bigger than five world powers?

Speaking at his visit in India, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan once again said, "The world is bigger than five." He continued to say, "The structure of the U.N., especially the Security Council, should be reformed as soon as possible. For example, wh... more

If Syria is divided...

The chemical attack that killed innocent people in Syria last week hurt all the conscientious people around the world. Columns, reports and discussions were dedicated to the victims of the attack as well as to the previous victims. But the unfortunat... more

The pose given with the pope: Are the Crusades coming back?

The pose given by European Union leaders with the pope was the hot topic of the recent days – it was discussed a lot especially in Turkey. A considerable number of conspiracy theories have also been made on whether this pose is a sign that would star... more

Syrians are not guests, they're family

Turkey has been carrying on a conscientious and compassionate policy regarding Syrian refugees from the very beginning. Yet, like in the example of an employer who shared the photograph of the young Syrian he beat up for coming late to work on social... more