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Kirkuk is Kirkuk!

The independence adventure of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani has led to the formation of very striking alliances in the region. Essentially, it is always most ideal for the people and nations of the region to solve problems... more

Is there a parallel state within the US?

Turkey is detecting and judging all the criminals of the treacherous coup attempt which targeted democracy and freedom that led to the death of 249 people and to the injury of 2,193 others on July 15, 2016.First, everyone has to accept and respect th... more

The meaning of Turkey's reaction to the independence referendum

It seems that the referendum, which the Barzani-led Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) insisted on holding despite the risk of facing opposition from all its neighbors, will have major implications on regional and global politics. It is important to... more

Who determines the fate of nations?

Despite the severe objection of all the elements in the region, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) under Masoud Barzani's administration held a referendum. So, the claim that the region belongs exclusively to an ethnic group has been encouraged ... more

Reform call at the UN

The 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly convened in New York City, U.S. today. At the meeting, leaders of the UN member states will address the General Assembly concerning global problems. The objective of the annual General Assembly ... more

The problem: ‘Terrorism against Turkey is slipping away’

In recent times, Turkey is carrying out its fight against terrorism with great success and, rather than this pleasing our European friends – who appear to consider terrorism as a crime against humanity – it drowns them in great sorrow. This is strang... more

Crisis of European democracy

The crisis of European democracy can be described simply and briefly as follows: Their democracy is functioning in a way that is increasingly breaking Europe away from the values that make it Europe.Perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe it... more

Arafat and ihram

Mecca. Arafat is the essence of the hajj pilgrimage. Hajj is Arafat.The pause in Arafat, the stance, the presentation of the millions of people standing under the scorching sun in their shroud-like ihrams – the garment worn by both men and women whil... more

This chaos is the very order they try to protect

On the centenary of the order established after World War I in the Middle East, almost all the regimes and borders of these countries, as well as all the components that created them, have remobilized. In fact, all of these mobilizations we have been... more

Northern Iraq’s independence referendum

The independence referendum of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which has been scheduled for Sept. 25 is still on track despite strong opposition coming both from places where the referendum will be held, and from Iraqi government and other... more