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To sow in Yemen and reap in Jerusalem

The Middle East’s most important agenda is U.S. President Donald Trump’s renewing support for the attempt to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital. What’s more critical is the provocation to do this on the 100th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire losing con... more

The role of the Turks and British in shaping Gulf history

How many books do we have on the Gulf and particularly on Saudi Arabia, which we have been frequently discussing as of late? How many dissertations have been written on the subject at our universities? The answer to these questions is embarrassing. W... more

Is there an internal showdown in Saudi Arabia?

While recent news from Saudi Arabia shows a change of mindset spread over time in the region, what happened this weekend revealed a completely different aspect of the issue. Mohammed bin Salman, who gained the status of first crown prince despite fam... more

Century-old document of shame

There are many texts that change the flow of history. But there is no other text that is as destructive as the one I will mention now and that will perhaps threaten world peace forever. Even if the British offer unshakeable peace to the whole world, ... more

US rescue operation for former consulate staffer

The developments that took place after July 15 have gained a new dimension, with rumors about possible U.S. relations with coup-makers and discussions about the dark links of an employee under the name of consular contact officer. In fact, even if th... more

Ebbs and flows in Turkey-US relations

The recent tensions between Turkey and the U.S. have reached a new stage as a result of the U.S.’s suspension of visa services in a completely indecent diplomatic and resentful manner and Turkey’s equal retaliation. Of course, even if there is a prob... more

Is Barzani throwing the Kurds into fire?

On the morning of Sept. 26, there won’t be a new Kurdish state, a new Kurdish republic. Neither will the century-old dreams of Kurds come true as Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani claims. So, what will happen? In a single w... more