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Where is the US-China rivalry in the Indo-Pacific heading?

The Biden administration has set its sights and focused its military strategy on the Indo-Pacific region. This move is rooted in the view that China is the most serious competitor to the United States both militarily and economically. The recent... more

The Sore Frenchman Syndrome

The French are in a right state over the AUKUS deal made between the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Even the ordinary Frenchman is saying, “These Anglo-Saxons have done it again!” They consider the Australians scrapping their 2016 electric-powered submar... more

Pentagonism and the American brand of state capitalism

It is no secret that Washington’s new alliance in the Indo-Pacific will trigger a new arms race. They are no doubt the tools of the global geo-economic war raging between the U.S. and China on strategical coordinates. The confrontation between t... more

The stage is being set for the ‘New Great Game’!

Back in the 19th century, the stage had been set in Asia for the “Great Game” between Britain and Russia. The global power struggle between China and the U.S. today has been dubbed as the “New Great Game.” Many analysts, for their part, prefer to des... more

Why did its Western allies stab France in the back?

Former President Barack Obama had declared that the U.S. would focus on the Asia-Pacific, and even branded himself as “America’s first Pacific President.” Proclaiming the 21st century as the “Pacific Century,” he also utilized the Obama Foundation, w... more

The Donald Trilogy: Trump on the brain again

No more literature has ever been taken down to pen about a U.S. president more than the notorious Mr. Donald Trump, I believe. The book “Peril” by Pulitzer-winning journalist Bob Woodward as well as Robert Costa will hit shelves this coming Tuesday. ... more

Afghanistan taught US liberal hawks a costly lesson

Somehow, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coincided with the complete U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Oh, the sweet irony of history! Twenty years ago, the U.S. overthrew the Taliban regime through military intervention. Washington’s pretex... more


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