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A game of chess between Turkey and the world in the East Med

The “controlled-tension” transpiring like a game of ping pong in the East Mediterranean with the statements being made and symbolic visits is still continuing full-speed ahead. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar’s visit to Kaş yesterday and the Gre... more

What has changed since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Numerous important changes have occurred in our lives ever since the Covid-19 outbreak emerged in China last year and these were mostly felt in fields such as education, business life, economy, trade, investment tools, social policy, health, among se... more

The East Mediterranean is indispensable for Turkey

Turkey's maritime jurisdiction agreement signed with Libya seems to have changed all balances in the Eastern Mediterranean. Because through this agreement, Turkey declared a new map to the world just like other countries in the region that defined th... more

How Libya could change the East Med energy equation

Libya could gradually become one of the most important actors in the global energy equation due the rich energy resources it possesses, primarily the country’s vast oil reserves.Unfortunately, now that oil and natural gas are involved, Libya has beco... more

Will global unemployment break records post-COVID-19?

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, a new era has been ushered in for the global economy. While many economic and social indices have been revised, new economic policies and measures are being implemented accordingly.In this period, economic gr... more

Is this the end of globalization?

Due to the trade wars between the U.S. and China that preceded the coronavirus pandemic, downgrades dominated both global trade and global economic growth forecasts.While trade wars were being discussed and intense talks ensued regarding the fact tha... more

Will Turkey continue to work from home in the future?

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in so many changes that impact several fields, from societal life to workplace dynamics, in Turkey.It seems that even if the pandemic is brought completely under control, we will have to sustain some of the habit... more

What will the new post-corona normalization period bring?

As the spread of coronavirus pandemic begins to slow down with the measures taken to curb it, normalization initiatives that will minimize the damage caused to economic activities are topping the agenda. Naturally, the new normalization period that i... more

The long road to economic recovery post-coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we are at a time when both state and global economies are negatively impacted. As the leading economies of the world are at the top of the list of the hardest hit states by Covid-19, forecasts and expectations regardi... more

Socioeconomics of the covid-19 pandemic

Markets across the globe are bouncing up and down so sharply everyday due to the coronavirus pandemic that we are experiencing in a single day now fluctuations that would normally take three to five years to occur. As a matter of fact, if scenarios w... more


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