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How the coronavirus threatens global economy

In the past years, external factors posed more of a threat to global economies than macro indicators.These threats are composed of global risks such as trade wars, the U.S.-Iran conflict and as a result, an increase in oil prices and currency wars. S... more

What does the US want in the East Mediterranean?

The world is trying to build a whole new energy equation. The oil and natural gas reserves in the East Med, and especially potential gas resources will bring about a whole new order and equation in the upcoming period.Today, move upon move is being m... more

Is the global system struggling to stay afloat?

Complaints over the inefficiency of the global economic system are on the rise.The global system does not only not fulfill its duties to present institutions, it also plays deaf to calls of reform.Why are global institutions being denounced?Global ec... more

What is the outlook for oil prices?

World markets were shaken up after oil prices reached record highs following the attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.This 20 percent increase is the largest jump in prices since Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. As is known, oil is one of the... more

Are the trade wars a harbinger of a new economic downturn?

Even though the trade wars that have erupted between the U.S. and China have had seemingly positive results due to protectionist policies, for the last one and a half years, the negative aspect of these wars has begun to be debated in terms of the sh... more

Turkey’s S-400 purchase and its effects on the economy

Turkey has started to receive components of the S-400 missile defense systems it had purchased after prioritizing its security and ignoring the arguments, reactions and tensions regarding the deal.Now we need to ask: What effects will the purchase an... more

A new era in the Eastern Mediterranean

The rivalry between the region’s different countries and actors in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the disagreements regarding how to best share hydrocarbon resources calls for the adoption of a new vision for this region.In other words, a new ... more

How Islamic are Islamic countries?

Ever since the year 2010, two academicians at George Washington University, Scheherazade Rehman and Hossein Askari, have been publishing a study called the “Islamicity Index” based on how a country’s economics, legal and governance, human and politic... more

Energy wars in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tensions are rapidly rising in the Eastern Mediterranean. As is known, natural gas operations that started to intensify in the region since the early second millennium, had caused this area to become the focus of international energy companies.The ex... more


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