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How Islamic are Islamic countries?

Ever since the year 2010, two academicians at George Washington University, Scheherazade Rehman and Hossein Askari, have been publishing a study called the “Islamicity Index” based on how a country’s economics, legal and governance, human and politic... more

Energy wars in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tensions are rapidly rising in the Eastern Mediterranean. As is known, natural gas operations that started to intensify in the region since the early second millennium, had caused this area to become the focus of international energy companies.The ex... more

What was discussed at the G20 summit?

The thirteenth G20 summit was held between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in Argentine capital Buenos Aires. The G20 summit is an important meeting both because it has determined the world agenda since 2008 and also because economic issues are discussed.Not only... more

How can Turkey become an ‘energy trade hub’?

The question, “Can Turkey be an energy trade hub?” has been frequently asked lately. The fact that the offshore leg of the TurkStream project has been completed contributed to Turkey’s role in becoming a center of energy trade.Turk Stream, TANAP, TAP... more

Energy in relations with the EU

Economy is the most important agenda of Turkey-EU relations that have been ongoing for years. Because, it is seen that bilateral relations that are established on the backbone of trade have made significant progress from the past to present, in light... more

New Economy Program and Turkey's economy story

Global economy has witnessed various developments with the tensions caused by the trade wars that started in early 2018. While this situation increased the risks and uncertainties toward world economies, it is also leading countries to search for alt... more

Is a new global payment system possible?

The U.S. is using the economic order and financial architecture it established after World War II to economically dominate the world and, since the election of Donald Trump as president, it continues to use its economic and political power to threate... more

Lessons to learn from the economic war

The Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17-25 judicial coup in 2013, the July 15 coup attempt in 2016 and the latest attack on the economy through the exchange rate, which Turkey has encountered in the last few years, show that the economic war is continuing.... more

Turkey's economic war

Turkey, which is a strong regional actor and is gaining importance in the energy equation with each passing day, has also become an important nation on a global scale.In order to overcome threats and the operation Turkey is faced with through exchang... more

The impact of the sanctions on Iran

The implementation of U.S. sanctions on Iran is causing a great social unrest in the Iranian economy, especially the increase in exchange rates and the cost of living.On the other hand, the recent tension between Iran and the United States has become... more

The agenda of G20 countries and trade wars

As trade wars continue to be a hot topic of the world, it once again became the main issue during G20 meetings held in Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, with the participation of Treasury and Finance ministers and Central Bank governors.Despite the... more

New actor in the Eastern Mediterranean energy equation: Egypt

In recent years, the Eastern Mediterranean basin came to the fore with the discovery of wide hydrocarbon fields, and now it has once again become a hot topic with the discovery of an important natural gas field in Egypt in the last few weeks.Developm... more


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