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Operation Peace Spring: Turkish political history’s most crucial geopolitical intervention... Those asking ‘What will US, Europe say’ are finished; the ‘internal invader front’ has collapsed. Desperation abroad, solidarity within. May God grant Erdoğan strength, our army victory

Regardless of what anyone says or how they interpret it, Turkey launched the biggest geopolitical intervention in its political history with the “Peace Spring Operation.” It negated all plans spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, aimed a... more

In the name of God! The siege east of the Euphrates will be destroyed... There will be no more ‘terror zone’ but a Turkey zone. Where are those trying to interfere in our affairs on behalf of the US and Israel? President Erdoğan is a blessing. Victory is our nation’s

In the name of God. We have launched our operation. As of yesterday, all plans east of the Euphrates River in Syria have been reset.The tables have been upturned. All map projects have gone down the drain.That deep foresight, that mentality, the geop... more

East of Euphrates: Preparations complete. Now, even a day’s delay is suicide! Otherwise, a ‘second corridor’ will open in Turkey. Nobody dare advocate US interests, Israel priorities, UK plans! No power will be able to overtly stand against this operation.

It is now a matter of time or days. The operation to intervene in the east of the Euphrates, that terror corridor, that “multinational front” is about to kick off. Turkey’s power will kick into gear once again.We are going to do whatever we have been... more

Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates in Syria is imminent... The terror corridor is the sole aim of ‘internal invaders,’ those ‘surrounding’ us from abroad... This is Erdoğan’s final call: Projects aiming to alter maps will be negated... US: ‘If Turkey launches an op, we will have to withdraw our troops’

Turkey’s planned intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria is, in its simplest form, a legitimate defense. No country, no state or power has the justification to stop this defense.Because the east of the Euphrates is not a terror, a Kurdistan... more

Who else but Erdoğan could have given that speech that shook the world? His voice is the identity, and the claim of the region's past and future. Great victories are designed by architects, petty plans by villains... Those who failed to ‘be a part of history’ in Turkey should be ashamed!

Turkey’s great strength lies within itself and its claims. It draws on the region, its centuries-old state experience, history-making role and its plans aimed at the future. Everything concerning Turkey is identified by power and its claims.Turkey’s ... more

An intervention in Syria east of Euphrates River is ‘Turkey’s defense’... The threat is great and imminent. Turkey is also on their 'map.' CHP, Good Party, those who defected from the Felicity Party, AK Party, why are you silent?

Turkey must most definitely use its right to “self-defense.”Regardless of the price, Turkey must, through all known means and methods, intervene east of the Euphrates, in the siege surrounding us from northern Syria, and the preparations aimed at bui... more

Saudi’s Aramco has been struck, everybody has ‘locked and loaded’ their weapons... Take this attack very seriously! What if two missiles were to strike Dubai! The madness of the two Arab crown princes is going to burn down the whole region...

The attack conducted by Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen against Saudi oil company Aramco is the most dangerous attack to date. It will have consequences much beyond the surge in oil prices. This attack turned the Yemen war into the Saudi Arabia war. It ... more

The sole problem in Syria is the US occupation. This matter directly concerns Turkey. The biggest front after WWI is being built east of the Euphrates... Defending Turkey is not only Erdoğan’s duty, but that of everyone who considers this country their homeland

The “Syria issue” has been transformed into an issue of “U.S. occupation.” One-third of the country has been invaded by using the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh as an excuse. The issue in Syria cannot be resolved unless we focus on this def... more

Patriots of the CHP and nationalists of the Good Party, wake up! This is the final great defense before 2023. This is the final attempt of those who are pro-mandate. They opened the gates of the fortress from within. They are trying to topple Erdoğan, and others are attempting to destroy Turkey. They even turned Atatürk into a weapon for the PKK

There is no longer such a concept as internal politics in Turkey. There is no such thing as an internal fight for the ruling power. There is a horrific fight between the “Turkey axis” and “multinational axis.” The fight in Turkey is global. It is a s... more

Never before seen political engineering. The establishment of a ‘multinational front’ within. Those 'cast out' from the AK Party are there! Their discourse is based on FETÖ-PKK’s common rage. Those clinging to the ‘Turkey axis,’ and those embracing the ‘multinational axis’ are going to part ways.

There are political engineering efforts underway in Turkey gathering all political identities under a “single front.” It is very serious and widespread as never seen before.The aim is not a new political movement, a new political theory or identity. ... more


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