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Turkey will manage to keep the eastern gate open!

Armenian attacks on Azerbaijan’s Tovuz region are targeting energy geopolitics, of which Turkey is at the center. In this sense, the nature of the attack goes far beyond Armenia’s impertinence.It is not limited to the matter between Azerbaijan and Ar... more

Hagia Sophia: Those who hold back will occupy no place in history. Western monopoly over Turkey has been shattered. Power has shifted direction. Erdoğan’s signature is that of Alparslan’s, Sultan Mehmed’s; it belongs to the same political gene. A showdown is underway between the centuries-old political legacy and the pro-tutelage wing. They’re just as disturbed as Athens. So, what’s next? We’ve just begun!

Great changes aren’t brought about with hesitation and fear but with determination and courage.Grand statements and great claims are only made by those who shoot high.Making history, guiding nations, laying the foundations of new establishments is in... more

This age belongs to those who push boundaries, the limits of the mind; welcome to an age of the extraordinary. Grandiose statements, great claims, great rises and collapses will gain speed. Two shocks: Power is changing hands for the ‘first time’. Humanity is at a mental breaking point! Five-century-old Western colonial order has been shaken to its core. Turkey will not fail in any venture it takes

Talking the talk has perpetually been regarded as odd. However, the current age, the current state of humanity, this period during which fiction and reality have become intertwined, is being considered as “the age of great claims and grandiose statem... more

This is how both ‘terror’ and ‘sea’ corridors were collapsed. Libya constitutes a defense shield in the Mediterranean. Turkey is the region’s geopolitical mind. Everyone who rejects Turkey’s extended offer of brotherhood will lose. Because Turkey has scores to settle with the West alone. One day Saudi Arabia will ask for Turkey’s help too

They first opened an anti-Turkey front in northern Iraq. Then they opened another in northern Syria. Later, they joined these two fronts and prepared “terror corridor” plans. They attempted to draw a map and expand this map within Turkey. They slyly ... more

Is Egypt's Sisi capable of invading Libya? Will Saudi Arabia, the UAE win the war? We will take both Sirte, Jufra. Keep your empty threats. Israel is going to annex the West Bank. They’re trying to deflect from this. Libya, N Iraq are the same front. Saudi, the UAE, PKK are on the same side. Turkey is conducting ‘Claw-Tiger Operation' against this front

Egypt’s junta leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi meant to threaten Turkey and Libya when he said, “If you cross our red line, Sirte and Jufra, we will intervene.”Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are saying, “We stand by Egypt.” They are the o... more

Will a war erupt between China and India? Why are the world’s two most populous nuclear powers at loggerheads? The Western political mind is egging India onto the battlefield against China. South Asia, the Pacific region will explode. Dozens of countries are at risk

Do not take lightly the conflict transpiring on the Himalayan border between China and India, Asia’s nuclear powers that are the world’s most populous nations.Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the latest clash in the Ladakh region of India and th... more

What is the groundswell of public unrest hitting the US, Europe all about? The statues of racist leaders are being torn down; Africa should expel those countries from their lands! You say ‘terrorists invaded our city.’ Yet you tried to invade Turkey with those very terrorists! What's behind Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from across the world? What does he fear? Is a coup being planned in the US?

Will the killing of George Floyd, followed by demonstrations in almost all American cities, lead to a groundswell across the world?Will it produce a psychological foundation and atmosphere for a new sort of political awareness, identity or reaction? ... more

As angry masses hit Western capitals, we bid farewell to the world we know. The fight in US, Europe is not about racism! It’s the end of the road for the enslaving Western order. Turkey is now a ‘superpower’; its words carry weight in Libya, the Mediterranean

We are now going to redefine all the problems and crises in the world. Countries, societies, maps, and powers are going to be reevaluated.Colonialism, racism, injustice, income disparity, identity, geopolitical struggle, power struggles, social value... more


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