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Who’s instructing the anti-Canal Istanbul ‘Montreux lobby’? Map is memory; it shows future as much as it does history. From the Silk Road to the Bering Strait: Wealth, power map, our country’s surface area all changed! After Canal Istanbul they’re going to claim we have ‘nuclear weapons.’ Let’s see what happens.

Map is memory, experience, power; it is nations’ line of destiny. When you look at the map, you not only see the past but also the future. The map is a source of the most valuable information.The map will show you nations’ rise and falls, the strengt... more

Turkey will deploy troops to Libya. How did we alter the Mediterranean map? Barbaros returns to the Mediterranean after 473 years. Canal Istanbul: The new task for the pro-tutelage camp’s lobby to ‘keep the Montreux Convention valid’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkey could deploy troops to Libya. This statement is bound to cause serious tremors in every country’s position in the Mediterranean.This announcement that followed the game-changing Turkey-Libya deal, which alte... more

The 2008 economic crisis was actually a geopolitical one. It triggered local conflicts. Today’s trade wars could turn into greater geopolitical crises. The world map is being redrawn. Conflicts could be internationalized

The 2008 economic crisis was not the crisis of developing countries, but that of “central economies,” and there were harbingers of it since 2006.However, this was not an economic crisis alone, it was also a geopolitical crisis. The world is changing,... more

Veysel İpekçi, and a nation forced to ‘sit in a chair’ and salute him. We have seen bureaucrats, CEOs with their God complexes... Helplessness, weakness of character, parvenu, vulgarity. Arrogant men with flashy resumes, dressed to kill

Why were we all so enraged when Turkish Deputy Mayor Veysel İpekçi, who holds office in Istanbul’s Güngören Municipality, punished employee E.T. for “failing to stand up and greet him”?What was it about him being forced to sit on a chair in the corri... more

NATO is now Turkey’s primary threat. Its goal is not to ‘protect’ Turkey, but ‘stop’ it. All terror organizations are linked to them. There may even be a NATO intervention! This country cannot be entrusted to NATO's bureaucracy! The new world cannot be discussed with an archaic discourse

NATO was established in 1949 to protect U.S. interests and ensure Europe’s security against the “Soviet threat.” As Turkey is within the West axis, it joined NATO against the Soviet threat. Yet, this is not the whole story. Turkey’s membership was sp... more

Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha returns after 473 years. His banner flutters over headquarters. The real ruler of the Mediterranean is back. Turkey-Libya deal changed the nautical map. Sevres plan blew up in their face. ‘Blue Homeland,’ magnificent country: Turkey’s surface area is much greater than we know.

Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’s sanjak (banner) was taken on Sept. 27, 2019 from the museum and was placed at the entrance of the Naval Forces Headquarters. This is happening for the first time. Now, fleets returning from expeditions, drills, perform the ... more

European defenses crumble with one move from Turkey! Merkel is panicking: Europe can’t defend itself, we need Turkey! But NATO is now the greatest threat to our country. What are we going to do about that? There are hopefuls waiting for ‘US, NATO to strike Turkey, topple Erdoğan’

Turkey blocked NATO’s defense plan for the Baltics and Eastern Europe over the Syria dispute as the alliance has not yet recognized the People’s Protection Units (YPG) as a terrorist organization and approved the document concerning the matter.The al... more

The new wave of colonialism will be wrought by Muslims... Who’s acting as a buffer while Turkey builds ‘fortresses’? Beware, we’re speaking in the language of victory, not destruction. The ‘last great game’ will fail too. Don’t compare President Erdoğan to Sultan Abdulhamid II!

An astounding new rise, a wave of localization and resurrection, and a quest for power so strong that it will reverse history has emerged from Turkey, its nearby region, and Africa.The political discourse instituted by Turkey not only centralized its... more

$4-million bounty over hitman Dahlan’s head. But those two ‘terror baron’ princes are exacting ‘Crusades vengeance’ on us. They’re using Islam, Jerusalem, Mecca as a bargaining chip. They call them ‘Kingdoms of Fire’. Then let’s go back to 1517 if we must. If you continue these attacks, another Sultan Selim the Grim may just emerge

Turkey is going to release a “red notice” search warrant regarding Muhammed Dahlan, the “Middle East’s hired gun.”There will be a $4-million bounty placed over Dahlan’s head, who is one of the important names in regional terror traffic.Dahlan works d... more

Turkey’s CHP has adopted some sort of Baathist policy, a ‘Zionist’ privilege! Attacks didn’t take long to start after they won the mayoral elections. But let it be known, we will never again bow down! We saw the fate of the general who reported to Israel... If it’s a fight you want, that’s what you will get!

They haven’t changed.They never will.They are today as they were decades ago.The world has stopped turning for them. They’re going round in circles. They are not done with their lies, petty plans and brawls.They have never made peace and will never m... more

The Velvet Revolution and Arab Spring are over. So what is this new wave? A new rage from Latin America to Iran: Innocent demands, secret evils. What’s happening, where’s the world headed to? Turkey post-July 15: A ‘psychological atmosphere’ is being prepared for a new type of intervention

Mass reactions, protests are swiftly rising in random countries and regions, from Chili to Bolivia, Lebanon to Iraq, Hong Kong to Iran and, as a matter of fact, to France, where they are fast transforming into a serious social wave.Like the countries... more

They expected a scandal. It didn’t happen. Those using EU to beat us are now using US to strike. Such ‘debasement’ never before seen in any country A secret organization established. It’s opening gates from within, blockading our mind Trust the nation, devote yourself to the country, that’s all we need

The last summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and U.S. President Donald Trump has shown us once more that a front within, a mass that is unable to think for themselves and lacking apprehension, an alliance striving to revive old political ha... more

The tables have turned! Trump says: ‘Stop the coup.’ The opposition declares: ‘Coup has started.’ Powerful leaders locked in showdown with the establishment. There’s now an ‘Erdoğan model.’ Impeachment process will fail, Trump will be reelected. Will there be an American Perestroika?

There are incredible similarities between the “impeachment process” aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump, and the “multinational interventions” aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey.The language used, the methods applied, the targ... more


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