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Turkey’s state mind and the will of the people

The matter of Turkey’s existence becomes more meaningful if we think of it within the framework of putting an end to the tutelage regime and dependency relations. We cannot identify the rising voices saying, “There is no such thing” as simply a diffe... more

East Turkestan and Islam’s historic geographical borders

I am in Baku, a city that could be the center of the Turkic world due to both its geographical position and the message it could convey. This is where I received the contradictory reports about Uyghur poet Abdurrehim Heyit. What could be said about t... more

The trust people on Arab streets have in Turkey

Turkey’s moral stance and military power have become important fundamentals for the resolution of the Syrian issue. Turkey is the only country that has brought the streets of the Middle East to life again. The fact that president Erdoğan is the only ... more

Turkey’s Syria intervention east of the Euphrates River

When we read what has been written on Turkey’s policies in Syria, we feel as if we are face-to-face with a story of failure. Some even presented what has been going on after Trump’s declaration to withdraw U.S. troops as developments that are going t... more

The Gezi Park protests in France

What we had been through in June 2013 is a trauma for Turkey. When we consider the global developments, it is only natural that we are still under the effects of this trauma. Of course, we see the demonstrations which ransacked France within this fra... more

The dirty hands of the US, Israel and Crown Prince Salman

Those who argue that Turkey is not at the center of the world and that it does not revolve around us, those saying we need to approach the events taking place from different angles are wrong. The literal meaning of the sentence is correct; the world ... more

The meaning behind the silence about FETÖ

Tensions had been running high between Turkey and the West after the attempted coup and invasion on July 15, and this tension is still continuing today. Countries in western Europe, Greece, and of course the U.S. and Israel haven’t made a statement c... more


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