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They want Trump to launch a war against Iran!

Iran is a country that has been slammed with U.S. sanctions for almost four decades now. Despite both countries declaring one another as the enemy, close combat is yet to take place between them. Based on the grounds that Iran is planning attacks on ... more

Trump's ‘worst’ deal of the century

The “Palestine Plan,” which U.S. President Donald Trump praised as the “deal of the century,” was expected to be announced in June. Trump had postponed the announcement of the plan due to the April 9 snap elections in Israel. The two years that Trump... more

Trump is at war with the ‘US Congress’!

The Democrats waged a multilateral war against U.S. President Donald Trump after they won the majority in the House of Representatives in the elections on Nov. 6, 2018. Their aim is to debilitate Trump as much as possible until the presidential elect... more

What's going on in Sri Lanka?

Nearly three hundred people died in Sri Lanka after bomb attacks on three churches and some hotels were simultaneously carried out. It is difficult to make a definite conclusion on the causes of the attacks, as there is no organization that has claim... more

What ever happened to Trump’s ‘Palestine Plan’?

U.S. President Donald Trump had deferred announcing the details of his “Middle East Peace Plan,” which he deemed the “Deal of the Century” till after the April 9 Israeli elections.The contents of the plan, which is being run by Trump’s son-in-law and... more

The Trump dilemma of American Jews!

U.S. President Donald Trump once said, "If I ran in the Israeli elections, I would win 98 percent of the vote." These words very explicitly reveal the relationship between Trump and the Netanyahu administration. Trump is acting as if he was elected ... more

‘Israel first, then America’!

One of U.S. President Donald Trump’s main presidential campaign slogans in 2016 was “America first.” Yet, Trump’s presidency followed a course more along the lines of “Israel first, then America.” However, the “Israeli lobby’s” influence on the U.S. ... more

After Golan Heights, is the West Bank next?

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a presidential proclamation recognizing Israel’s annexation of the “Golan Heights” on Mar. 25. Attending the signing ceremony were Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Trump’s chief advisor and son-i... more

Democrats are boycotting the 'Israel Lobby'!

Democrat Party representative Ilhan Omar has been the constant target of smearing campaigns in the U.S. due to her criticisms against the “Israel Lobby.” On the other hand, Trump and other Republicans still insist on their claim that the Democrat Par... more

Trump gives Israel’s Netanyahu the kiss of life!

At the time Iraq was being invaded, then-U.S. President George W. Bush and then-Israel President Ariel Sharon’s compliance was greatly discussed. The pro-Israel Neocon hawks played a role in this compliance relationship. This relationship was mention... more

White Supremacists are a global threat

If you say over and over again that your country has been invaded by immigrants just like U.S. President Trump does, and if you say that the immigrants are prone to commit crimes that means you also lay the groundwork for racist massacres. If you tak... more

Now they’re obsessed with Ilhan Omar’s hijab!

All attempts by of the “Israel Lobby” at passing a resolution in the Congress against the Muslim member of the House of Representatives, Ilhan Omar, have failed. The fact that the “House of Representatives” did not join them in their smearing campaig... more


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