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What would Trump guided by Sisi bring upon the US?

The constitutional change paving the way for coup-plotter Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, who took hostage his own country and people with armed forces, to physically preside over the Egyptian people until 2030 has been completed with no surprise. In a charade... more

So, what are Syrians supposedly doing in Turkey?

The bloodiest, most ruthless and corrupt international showdown of recent years took place on Syrian territory. The showdown among numerous countries led to a tragedy on Syrian land, which cost Syrians their lives and country.However, those continuin... more

There can be no excuse for Islamophobia

There is no excuse for Islamophobia, xenophobia, or for inciting hate against people.In fact, the phobia in Islamophobia, meaning fear, willingly creates this excuse within the word itself.They fear, therefore they hate.They are afraid, so as a preca... more

Global Islamophobia and fascism-compatible Western democracies

“The global institutionalization of Islamophobia today shows that it is no longer specific to certain regions alone. Islamophobia can present itself in places where Muslims are minorities, where the Muslim presence lives only in memories, where there... more

The election results: They have a lot to learn from Turkey

Though it has been six days since the March 31 local elections, due to appeals to the results in many locations, primarily Istanbul, the results are yet to be finalized. Objections and deciding whether to conduct a recount of the votes or not, if suc... more

What's this pride against Turkey at the Arab League summit?

While we were busy with the local elections in Turkey, the 30th Arab League Summit was held in Tunisia. Even if we weren’t occupied with the elections, the summit had no solution or will that could solve any problem of the region and the world.Althou... more

Turkey’s elections are imminent; let’s close ranks

We are on the eve of another election. With this election Turkey will elect its local administrators, but the impacts will certainly be beyond local. Since Turkey is no ordinary country, no event taking place in this country stays within its local bo... more

Sisi’s attempt to become the ‘eternal president of Egypt’

Egypt is going through a process of constitutional change as the military regime increases its iron fist every other day. I would like to say here that “Egypt is discussing constitutional change,” but there is no room for any argument about any issue... more


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