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Venezuela today, Turkey tomorrow!

The democracy developed in the West, discourses such as the superiority of law, freedoms and human rights, are primarily discourse developed for Western societies.What's certain is that the West took democracy, freedoms and human rights nowhere in th... more

Turkey and Islam’s trial with the ‘Arabs’

The arrival of Islam is a milestone in human history: in the first half of the century, Islam spread to China, to the Pacific in the East, and all the way to the Iberian Peninsula, to the Atlantic in the West. This is a never-before-seen event in his... more

Turkey’s millennium-long standoff with the West

The history of our relations with the West goes back approximately a thousand years, it is deep-seated; it gave the West a hard time, and in time, it gave us a hard time as well.We can best illustrate our relations with the West using the terminology... more

Iran is an excuse; the target is Turkey!

The global system is aware of the fact that it can only continue its existence and hegemony over the globe when it is able to disable Turkey in the region.Hence, it is following a multilateral, complex siege and isolation strategy implemented both do... more

The West’s multilateral war against Islam

The world as we know it is shattering.We are witnessing the hegemony of the world we know and the world that Western civilization built on earth together with modernity, collapse.The west is the prisoner of the world it builtWe have before us a parad... more

After the hadith, now the Quran has become a topic of debate!

Pandora's box has been opened: As we drew attention for years in this column, after hadith, now the Quran has started to become a topic of debate.Opening to debate the hadith and Quran, the founding sources of Islam, at such a tough and horrific time... more


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