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Why do the Saudis have a bone to pick with me?

Saudi Arabia, which has been utilizing my writings for years as a resource in its academies, has now launched a campaign against me. When I saw the first title of the series of articles by author Talal al-Tureyfi, I was excited, thinking that I was g... more

Peaceful coexistence: how the Ottomans ruled Jerusalem

I am obliged to write this column due to a report published in Israeli media a few days ago. According to the report, new meetings have been launched between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Jordan about the future of Jerusale... more

The Kaaba’s cover (kiswah) has also been quarantined

All hell is breaking loose because of a virus that has shortly became a part of our lives even though it was not on our agenda. More precisely, a doomsday rehearsal is being performed. Reports, articles, expert opinions and, of course, conspiracy the... more

Turkey must show the world it is self-sufficient!

The responsibility of being human necessitates that we pay attention to and care for all our kind and, if we have the means to palliate grief anywhere in the world, share it. Of course, our awareness of being human requires that we suffer for all of ... more

What will the future hold?

Only those who have experienced sleep paralysis will know of its effects. A few seconds in a state of this sleep almost consumes one’s life. Though not everyone might experience sleep paralysis, everyone dreams once in a while. Our world is currently... more

Mohammed bin Salman, his rivals: History’s vicious circle

According to recent news from Saudi Arabia and which has been keeping Western media busy, the dynasty is starting to show signs of activity again. The developments are not limited to activity alone; Mohammad bin Salman’s uncle Ahmad bin Abdulaziz an... more

March 5 summit over Idlib will put world order to test

The Idlib issue is the end of the road. Moreover, it is the international community’s last chance to ensure regional order. Of course, the future of Turkey-Russia relations, which has been developing since 2018, is also dependent on this.The wills pr... more

Why is Turkey at war?

Tensions at our border are not dying down. On the contrary, they are mounting with every passing minute. The scene is rife with panic. Of course, there is a myriad of “expert opinions” saying “I told you so.” These evaluations do not suit the langua... more


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