​What did the commanders say in the Ministerial Cabinet?

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Abdülkadir Selvi

Abdülkadir Selvi has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
Abdülkadir Selvi

İlker Başbuğ had given the latest briefing to the Ministerial Cabinet, in the period when he was still the Chairman of the General Staff.

During the March 1 memorandum, despite being mentioned in the MGK (National Security Council), a separate briefing wasn’t given to the Ministerial Cabinet.

Chairman of General Staff, Necdet Özel had given the second briefing together with his force commanders.

In that period, in which the memorandum was dispatched to TBMM and Turkey had announced that it will take part in the Western alliance, this briefing carried grave importance.

We have been underlining this for a while now.

Now there is a Turkey, which sounds one voice with its Çankaya (President), military and government.

This phase is important in the sense of the point our country had reached and the backspacing of the guardianship system.

Then, here’s what had become prominent in the commanders’ briefing with the Ministerial Cabinet.

1-    Our first priority should be a “Safe Zone”, not the No Fly Zone. Because the no fly zone will limit the Assad administration’s movement ability. ISIL and PYD don’t possess any aircraft. The threat is coming from the land. ISIL and PYD are clashing on land, and this reflects on Turkey in terms of great migration waves.

2-    If the safety of the Safe Zones were secured from the air by declaring no fly zones, then the healthiest step would be taken. If there is no “Safe Zone”, the No Fly Zones cannot provide necessary gain.

3-    First of all, coalition countries should be persuaded in the “Safe Zone” matter. Safe zones in the shape of a line or pocket are the most beneficial model.

4-     If coalition countries don’t support establishing “Safe Zones”, then Turkey should declare a “Safe Zone” within Syria by presenting its own security as a reason.

5-    In this case, we can only declare Safe Zones at a maximum of three or four regions.

These are:

1-    Ayn-El Arap (Kobane)

2-    Tel Abyad

3-    Syrian sides of our border gates.

In addition, providing the security of the “Safe Zone”, which Turkey will declare unilaterally, will be the point in question. Those zones will be defended against both ISIL and PYD, or the Kurdish Democratic Union Party of Syria. Because it had been confirmed that the rocket launchers or cannon balls, which had been launched towards Turkey, had been launched by targeting. While ISIL’s bouncing shells had landed in our borders, it was identified that PYD’s shells had been launched by targeting. Especially, if the control of a region over our borders is the point in question, the priority will be turning that zone into a safe zone and providing its safety.

6-    For now, three Brigades are being thought of. Though, according to the status of the Safe Zone, some studies will be done over the numbers. As for the matter of which units will be shifted, the military had made its own plans.

7-    Since the winter is nearing, the desire is towards establishing the Safe Zone as soon as possible. The priority is the transferring the first group of Syrians to the zones and later on the Syrians living with us.

8-    The borders of the Safe Zone will be indented and it will be based on the residential areas that the Syrian government couldn’t dominate. A 30 – 35 km-long line within the border is being talked about. Setting up a tent city or container city on the other end of the border is being planned.

All these options had been explained in the Ministerial Cabinet along with maps and intelligence data.

Another part had been opened for the İncirlik Air Base. From the moment an aircraft lands at İncirlik, there are worries that this base will become a target. But if you ask me, whether İncirlik will be discussed in exchange for a crucial compensation depends on the decision of the political will…

Will Turkey, who had announced that they will take place in the coalition against ISIL, be entering into a land maneuver and become an operational power from the air? Turkey understands the maneuvers of the land forces that will be conducted in order to provide the safety of the Safe Zone. As for our contribution towards air operations, it is being described as taking part in the supervision of the No Fly Zone.

What did we talk about with Kılıçdaroğlu?

Following my “How they wiretapped Kılıçdaroğlu” headlined article, CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu called.

We had a good conversation.

With his usual way of speaking, he had said, “I want you to know that”, and I had asked for his permission to write about our conversation.

CHP leader’s Executive Assistant, Şükran Kütükçü, had stated in her testimony within the 64 VIP wiretapping investigation, that one of the wiretapped phones was registered under her name and this number had been used by Kılıçdaroğlu.

Kılıçdaroğlu had confirmed this information. He said, “At that time, there had been a special effort to wiretap me. I was aware that I was being wiretapped.” Then, he started explaining.

“In that period, I was the CHP Deputy Chairman. I had corruption cases in my hands. I had been monitoring them. At that time, there had been a special effort to wiretap me. I was aware that I was being wiretapped.”

Kılıçdaroğlu had quoted an anecdote related with the wiretapping at that time.

“We were having a talk with İlhan Taşçı from Cumhuriyet newspaper. During that time, he was making good news. I had told him that he is blowing bombs (making flash news) every day. Even this had been wiretapped and included in the Ergenekon case. Also, the “bomb” part in my sentence had been emphasized with bold.”

Kılıçdaroğlu had made a special emphasis on the December 17 incident, when the relations between AK Party and the parallel structure had broken down, a couple of times in our conversation. In a sense that “Until then, their relation had been ok…”

We had spoken clearly with Kılıçdaroğlu.

We said one.

I had warned Kılıçdaroğlu before as follows; “Remember when there had been a rumor that they had shown you the images of the MIT Operation in Adana? Make sure that they had taken your pictures at the same time as well.”

He said, “I wasn’t shown any special recording regarding the weapons”. But clearly, he had been shown an image. He said, “I had watched the images of Erdoğan watching the claimed images himself.” Kılıçdaroğlu was referring to the images related with Baykal.

We said two.

Kılıçdaroğlu had brought up a claim, “The order of my wiretapping must have been given by Erdoğan.” I had asked on what his claim was based. In other words, did he have a witness or a document?

Instead of that, he had made a reference about Erdoğan’s speeches during his Prime Ministry.

He had said, “In the AK Party group, he had said that ‘I know every breath of you.’” The phones of my wife, children and my phones were being wiretapped, and they were being serviced to Erdoğan”.

He had made another claim.

“It was the period when we didn’t take an oath in the Parliament. Erdoğan had stated in Kütahya that ‘They will be going in order to take an oath.’ However, that was a decision we made in a special meeting among ourselves. It had been serviced to Erdoğan that was how he knew it.”

He was referring to Erdoğan’s speech at Kütahya-Simav on July 3, 2011. Erdoğan had said:

“They had said that unless our friends take an oath, we will not take an oath, even if it’s for 4 years. Don’t forget this sentence. They will swallow their words, you’ll see.”

Eight days after this speech, CHP had gone to the Parliament and started their legislative task by taking an oath. 

Now, as for the collaboration with the parallel structure, Kılıçdaroğlu had repeated his previous opinions.

“We don’t want a separate government within the government. Elected people should be assigned with elections and leave their position accordingly also. If it is being claimed that there is a parallel structure within the government, this had been established thanks to Erdoğan.”


These are the statements, and even claims, of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

Quoting them is my job; distillation is yours.

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​What did the commanders say in the Ministerial Cabinet?
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