What’s happening in the Resolution Process and at Kobani?

Two processes had intertwined.

Both processes are directly affecting each other.

First of all, Kobani.

Two hundred Peshmerga are expected to pass to Kobani via Turkey during this weekend.

How will this transition happen?

They are going to war. They will be passing with heavy weaponry. When we say weaponry, you shouldn’t think about tanks and cannons. The heavy weaponry stands for mortars, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns and machine guns.

A route has been designated regarding the passage by land. Though, using an air route is also in the agenda. From Arbil to Şanlıurfa by means of plane, and from Suruç to Kobani by land.

They will be taken from the Arbil border, and they will be under our control until they pass the border again.

In this way, Turkey will prevent the “No help was given to Kobani” claims. I would also like to share with you that all these plans were made beforehand by the government; though, because of the function of the state mechanisms, they had been delayed. If only this step had been taken before.

The USA is designing the region via ISIL fear, in the same way they had done via Al Qaeda in the past. The Arbil administration, who had opened up for discussion in the parliament the options of autonomy or being connected to Turkey, is trying to be trained over the ISIL matter. At the same time, the USA is giving the “We are your protector” message to Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds.

During the Iraq war, they had desired to use Turkey as a front country. As for now, they are desperately trying to drag us into land maneuvers.

This is the origin of the attempts made during October 6 – 8, the plan behind the HÜDA-PAR members’ murders in order to resurrect the PKK-Hezbollah conflict, and the “Turkey is helping ISIL” propaganda.

Negotiations with the USA were completed last week. I would like to share the information related  behind the scenes with you.

     1- TheTrain-Equip activity matter had been agreed upon.

     2- No consent had been reached regarding the usage of the bases. The USA is demanding that İncirlik and the Malatya Erhaç Airport would be used by their aircrafts during the operation. As for Turkey, the airports are closed to usage except for humane and logistical purposes.

    3- The doors had been completely shut to the USA, who had been demanding Turkey to enter the land operation, upon this matter. Because of this reason, this topic wasn’t even mentioned during the meetings that had been completed last week.

    4- No-Fly Zone: While finding this suggestion interesting, the USA didn’t steer towards this idea during the negotiations.

    5- Safe Zone: The USA had regarded our suggestion negotiable. However, since they didn’t regard it mandatory for now, no result had come out.

However, if the struggle with ISIL becomes prolonged, ISIL will increase its power in Iraq and redirect to Syria again. In that case, it is being guessed that Turkey will be encountering a rush of 500,000 immigrants from Iraq and Syria.

Whether the US will make a U-turn and bring No-Fly Zone and Safe Zone ideas into their agenda or not is an unknown. However, no consent had been reached upon both topics.

As for the Resolution Process.

For the past two days, Prime Minister Davutoğlu had been meeting with the parliamentarians from the Central Anatolia and the Aegean Region.

First of all, I would like to share the observations of AK Party Parliamentarians about the Prime Minister.

Davutoğlu had transformed his academician roots into his advantage. When I had spoken to the members of the Wisemen Committee, they had mentioned similar observations. The Prime Minister listens with patience. And with the sensitivity of an educator, he goes into details and starts explaining the matter. He explains, persuades and places these explanations over a background.

For example, when the Resolution Process is being asked, he informs about all the recent developments and also presents a historical background from the Ottomans’ approach perspective and the Republic’s applications regarding the issue. While doing all these, he is speaking clearly.

First his statements regarding Kobani and PYD.

“PYD is a terrorist organization, which is the extension of PKK. We can only have a connection with the Kobani public. Because, the Kobani public’s peaceful living is of importance for us. In order to provide that, we are making our best efforts. Because, our citizens’ families are our families as a state.”

Parliamentarians are sharing their thoughts regarding the resolution process and asking questions. Some even say, “The incidents, which had been realized by using Kobani as a justification, had shown us that the Resolution Process had spoiled the PKK”.

The Prime Minister says, “The provision of the nation’s integrity and unity cannot be done via arms and power.”

“When the faces are turned to weapons, the life will get hurt and the unity of the streets cannot be provided.”

He continues, “We have to make empathy. In the past, these types of movements had been oppressed with weapons, but the country had paid heavy prices in return. We will be patient.”

During one of his speeches, Davutoğlu had mentioned the two hands of the state. The hand of power and the hand of compassion.

To whom and when we will use one of these hands is important.

He doesn’t give a name, but explains the table.

“Though, the things that had been done towards violence won’t be left unrequited. We need to conduct it on a certain level. When I look at the night when all the incidents occurred, the police had been insufficient at a certain point. I had told the President of the General Staff to call for the Gendarmerie but tell them not to interfere. I’m against using the military. But I wanted the military to be seen.”

At this stage, one of Davutoğlu’s designations is quite important:

He says, “We have to manage the psychology”. Then he explains; “If we can’t manage the psychology in a good way, then the country will be directed towards disintegration. However, we will manage the psychology and reach success in the Resolution Process.”

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