A gun in one hand, politics in the other - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

A gun in one hand, politics in the other

Nowadays, we would be discussing the PKK's congress which would be convening over Abdullah Öcalan's call for disarmament.

The resolution for disarmament would be taken after two days, on April 15.

Then the monitoring committee's turn would come.

At a time we were expecting to get a breath of peace, we heard the news of a clash between the PKK terrorists and the Turkish troops in the Diyadin district of eastern Ağri province.

Whereas our current order of the day should be about the PKK's withdrawal from our borders.

We should be discussing the return of a disarmed PKK to Turkey.

I had seen the yearning for peace in people's eyes in the region I visited before Newroz.

However, it turned out that the passion for peace, and the desire in people's hearts do not suffice sometimes.

On Saturday, I was in Ankara and tried to watch the clashes in Diyadin.

I spoke with officials.

For 13 hours, I prayed that we would not get the news about our soldiers being martyred.

Because a specialist sergeant was shot and a helicopter was unable to come down to get the wounded due to the intensity of the clashes.

A serious loss of blood was at stake.

Our wounded soldier was treated on the spot, but waited 11 hours for a helicopter to come and pick him up, while a vicious clash was still continuing in the region.

It was evident that they went there with munitions, or established them there.

The helicopter couldn't go down and pick up the wounded soldier due to the intensity of shootings.

It was only when the intensity of the clashes receded that the people of Ağrı, -who spent tremendous effort to end the clashes and sacrificed their lives in this regard- entered the region.

At that point, the helicopter went down and picked up our wounded soldiers.

But it was not only a wounded soldier; they also brought the wounded PKK militant to the hospital, along with his sister who accompanied him.

As our wounded soldiers were fighting to survive in the hospital, a Gülenist academic tweeted saying, “Are there anyone saying I wish the PKK kills 50-100 people, so that the HDP cannot pass the election threshold?”

You could be a Gülenist.

You could be an enemy of President Erdoğan.

Whatever you are, be a human before everything.

How can one write such a thing when our soldiers were fighting in the fine line between life and death?

Did your conscience fall apart?

As the clashes were taking place, HDP executives said that the PKK militants had come to attend the festival.

Where in the world do people attend festivals with full arms?

For over 11 hours the helicopter could not touch down due to the intensity of clashes. Had they come to the festival to shoot over 10,000 bullets?

Someone should explain to them that this is no longer a festival or arms but a festival of peace.

There is no point in deceiving each other.

They would show their arms to the people who gathered for the festival and menace them.

They would tell them to vote for Selahattin Demirtaş for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) to pass the election threshold.

But what if they don't?

The guns were right there.

What the PKK has done in the past stood as an assurance for what they would do in the future.

What kind of a contradiction is this?

Those who will be voting for the HDP for the first time in western Turkey would never do so if they show their guns and request votes.

The PKK administration at Qandil Mountains should put this in their heads.

In order for the HDP to pass the election threshold, they need to obtain votes from the Turks in the west, rather than the Kurds in the east.

Currently, weapons are the worst enemy of the HDP.

Clashes, injured soldiers, and operations.

All of these remind us of the PKK's terror rather than the Turkishification of the HDP.

Those who show their weapons to the people of Diyadin in order to force them to vote for the HDP should realize that their actual target is the HDP.

Because things will not work out if the PKK continues to bear long barreled weapons, gather people in mountains and says HDP to the parliament.

It is not enough to sing songs of HDP to the parliament.

If the HDP cannot go to the parliament, it will be precisely because of this.

We support the resolution process to transform the weapons in the mountains into politics, not to drive politics into the muzzle.

The HDP should resolve this matter before it composes songs.

PKK has to make a decision.

Camil Bayık has to see the reality.

It is not enough to issue statements from the Qandil Mountains saying the HDP must pass the threshold.

He said, “We do not want to fight against Turkey anymore” and his statements were followed by deploying armed units to Diyadin. Things don't work like that.

The PKK must convene without waiting for a new call from their imprisoned leader Ocalan and must come to a disarmament resolution.

Cemil Bayık, a senior PKK figure who showed the courage to apologize to Germany should also apologize to Turkey, the country which they have been at war for 30 years.

Only then will their sincerity regarding the issue of politics be revealed.

And exactly at that point the HDP will not have the issue of passing the election threshold.

Threats with weapons on the way to the elections.

Threats with weapons at the ballot box.

Threats again, if the HDP fails to pass the threshold.

Selahattin Demirtaş must see that: Wherever the PKK points a gun, that gun is pointed at himself.

Demirtaş, who asks for votes from the Turkish people under the name of Turkishization, must at this point show a clear stance against PKK's such actions.

Because the weapons will prevent his success.

He cannot get away with this by blaming the Turkish General Staff.

Did the General Staff tell you to bring arms to the festival scene?

Was it the General staff who told you to open fire on Turkish soldiers?

The PKK and its factors must make a decision already.

Because there is no such thing as an armed struggle concealed under the name of politics, or a political struggle concealed under arms.

To put things in a nutshell, it is not possible to have weapons on the one hand and politics on the other.

The political party and the terrorist organization of a structure cannot simultaneously be carried on.

The current state of affairs in Turkey can no longer endure this.

It is about time to make a decision.


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