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Bayık announces PKK's new mission

Cemil Bayık explained the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) suicide bombing acts: “We want to oust [President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan.”

And how will they oust him?

Suicide bombers blowing themselves up in order to kill innocent people.

The PKK had the “child murderer” label. They killed 4-month-old baby Hamza in the Dargeçit town of southeastern Mardin province.

The PKK is now an organization that kills unborn babies.

Badly injured Songül Bektaş's 6.5-month-old unborn baby could not survive.

Bayık, the PKK leader who is villain enough to kill unborn babies, says, “If Erdoğan overcomes us, it means he has defeated everyone who wants democracy in Turkey.”

Bayık, can you even talk about democracy?

You are the leader of an organization that is capable of slaughtering unborn babies. You end the lives of people every day with your command to kill.

Wash your bloody hands before you can even utter the word democracy.

Wash you bloody mouth and then utter Erdoğan's name.

You are the murderer of 16-year-old Destina Peri, university student Sümeyra Çakmak, high school student Mehmet Emre Çakar, Feyza Acısu, Ozan Can Akkuş and many others.

Bayık actually discloses the reason they ended the reconciliation process and started this war.

'We want to oust Erdoğan and the AK Party'

Obviously, the tender was given to the PKK this time.

They gave it to the military once upon a time.

They issued a memorandum on April 27.

When the military was unsuccessful, the task was given to the parallel structure.

We were exposed to the parallel structure's coup attempts on December 17 and December 25.

They too were unsuccessful.

This time, the task was given to the PKK.

We were wondering why did these trench wars start while the reconciliation process was continuing, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) had garnered 13 percent of the votes and represented its supporters with 80 deputies in Parliament and the region was governed by HDP municipalities?

In order to explain this situation, we said:

They are trying to set Turkey on fire with the flames of Syria.

They are trying to distract Turkey while they redesign Syria's map.

They want to establish a Syrian canton in Turkey.

These are all true to a limited extent.

But, Bayık has illustrated the actual picture.

“To oust Erdoğan.”

This means the tender to oust Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was given to the PKK.

The PKK was given a mission as of July 20, 2015.

The mission is to take down Erdoğan.

They are trying to do this through shedding the blood of innocent people.

Therefore, they are trying to instill fear, panic and instability in the cities.

Thus, they are targeting Ankara and Istanbul.

Therefore they are targeting civilians, as the effect is immense.

The PKK started with urban wars.

It was unsuccessful in Cizre, Silopi and Sur.

They will be unsuccessful in Yüksekova and Nusaybin too.

The PKK faced defeat in the urban wars and lost the support of the Kurdish people.

They failed to establish an autonomous government or Syrian-style cantons.

Thereupon, they turned to radical acts like suicide bombings.

Qandil has concentrated on two objectives.


2-Suicide acts aimed at the West.

Losing the support of the Kurdish people as well as the urban wars, the PKK is drawing the hatred of civilians by attacking them. It is speculated that if there were an election held today, the HDP would fall under the threshold. Why is the PKK targeting civilians? Because the PKK doesn't have a political agenda. They depend on the PKK's strength. They are not using democracy or politics as a tool, instead they are playing on instability as a terror organization.

A while ago, the organization moved on to a urban war concept. Now it has updated its tactics and started suicide acts. Units fighting against the PKK are reviewing the methods they use against this terrorist organization. Intelligence units are strengthened in terms of personnel, analysis crew and technical means.

They are starting a new concept. “Ankara's security starts in other cities.” This detection is an important one. The vehicle used in the Merasim Street attack was stolen from İzmir. The vehicle used in the Kızılay attack was bought in Şanlıurfa. It went to Istanbul and then to Ankara after a while. This issue gave rise to the need to exercise control on urban borders. From now on, control mechanisms will be tighter at city entrances, especially in Ankara and Istanbul.

The police have a good mobile electronic system integration. Thus, only hours after the attacks in Merasim Street and Kızılay, they determined where the vehicles were and how they got to these points. However, it is important that these vehicles are flagged before they carry out attacks. Now they are pondering on this issue. Interior Minister Efkan Ala announced that 24 suicide bombings have been prevented since the beginning of the year.

The organization is changing methods often too, therefore the state is developing precautions accordingly. For example, the vehicle used during the attack on Merasim Street was stolen and they used two plate numbers. This time the car was not stolen, nor was a second plate used. However, measures need to be taken when a car is bought from a gallery but is not transferred legally for months. They are working on this one too. Meanwhile, it was determined that the Kızılay suicide bomber, Seher Çağla Demir, entered Turkey after spending five months in Kobani. It is clear why they dwell on Kobani. It is now clear that there was a second person with Seher Çağla Demir. The burnt body of a man was found in the vehicle beside Demir. Investigation continues on this man, who is identified as a Turkish citizen.

Serious investigations are underway. They are focused on the possibility of a third person being involved, because when the car wanted to stop in front of the bus stop, it was warned to move forward by police. The possibility of a third person being close by is not overlooked.

The PKK will want to instill more fear, panic and instability in Turkey in order to achieve its goal of “ousting Erdoğan.” However, it will not succeed.


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