Erdoğan is the red line - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

Erdoğan is the red line

At the political party CHP, there's an atmosphere that feels like the AK Party and the MHP reached an agreement.

In that case, the opposition path is appearing for CHP and HDP.

With the saying that Kılıçdaroğlu likes, the right bloc is in power, the left bloc is the opposition.

AK Party is receiving signals in relation to CHP and MHP trying to reach an agreement on taking turns in the Prime Ministry.

Some of the deputies of CHP are considering, “ We posed as the opposition to overthrow the AK Party. It is not going to be right if we form a coalition with AK Party and be in the power ”.

Some others consider, “It is an opportunity for the CHP to rule Turkey. We have to gain a benefit from this. A broad-based AK Party-CHP coalition gives confidence to the markets.”

Meanwhile as for HDP's role, it considers not going to the polls within at least 1 year. It wants to make the votes it received permanent and in a parliament that it entered powerfully; it wants to make its difference felt.

It has a positive view on the AK Party- CHP coalition where the resolution process will be on the table.

Although the AK Party- CHP model does not have a lack of vote confidence, HDP thinks of setting its group free by supporting them.

A lot of things are spoken about HDP in the backstage of Ankara.

It is said that some of the deputies want to take the oath in Kurdish, and also some of them do not want to read the text of the oath because of the phrase “Great Turkish nation”.

There is a greater backstage bomb. With the radical talks, a group, in which there are the names who could damage the wind of “Turkeyfication”, which HDP caught, would be separating from HDP and form a group in the parliament in the name of BDP.

You may know that 20 deputies are needed to be able to form a group in the Parliament. In this case, at least 20 deputies must separate from HDP and join BDP. In this case, the Kurds will be represented in the Parliament not with one party, but with two parties.

I don't know whether this formula has been spoken about in HDP's decision-making body or how it would be taken serious. But this is what is being spoken in the backstage of Ankara.

After talking about these backstage hapenings, I want to underline a point. During the coalition negotiations, of course the parties themselves decide with whom they will ally or they will never come together.

In its own way, there are pluses and minuses to form a coalition with the AK Party or CHP or MHP or HDP. Of course, the parties will make evaluations for their future and scrutinize. These are quite normal evaluations. But I don't find it right to approach it as plague-stricken, when the HDP is in question. As you remember, the same thing had been done to the Felicity Party. In the 1995 elections, by collecting 21.38 percent of the votes, the Felicity Party received 158 seats in the parliament. Forming a government with the Felicity Party, which had been the first party getting 6 million votes in the elections, has turned into a regime problem.

The ballot box revealed a government with the Felicity Party. The voters had given a message to the Felicity Party to form the government.

By force, the ANAYOL (Mother path) coalition government between the Mesut Yilmaz-led Motherland Party (ANAP) and Tansu Ciller's True Path Party (DYP) was formed. In a short time, it collapsed. The Felicity Party and DYP (True Path Party) became coalition partners. But because of the tricks of the soldiers, media, business world and the President Süleyman Demirel, Refahyol could not continue.

Today the conditions are quite different. The parties will decide whether they will be partners with HDP or not. But we shouldn't forget this. HDP is also a product of the national willpower just as them.

How legitimate CHP is, that's how legitimate HDP is. The way we welcome the 11,518,000 votes that CHP gathered is the way we welcome the 6,057,000 votes that HDP collected.

As for HDP's side, in this process HDP itself is its own rival.

Qandil's efforts to give tuning to the HDP, the expectations of the fractions that gave credit to HDP due to its "Türkiyelilik" -Turkey-ness or, being from Turkey statement, and HDP's efforts to make active politics are all engaged.

It is obvious that as long as the HDP carries its “Turkeyfication” line, which it continued during the Presidential and June 7 elections to the Ankara politics, it will be in a growth trend. Turkey needs a politically growing HDP. But if Qandil takes the HDP as a prisoner, it will be a pity for a big peace move.

When we go back to the coalition preparations, since the President did not assign any of the party leaders to form the government, right now the parties are checking each other. But these are not empty checks.

In an AK Party- CHP coalition who will take which ministries, exercises are being made on how the distribution of the ministries will be if an AK Party- MHP government is formed; the relationships among the parties are being established.

If it is remembered, Deniz Baykal and Oğuzhan Asiltürk formed the CHP- MSP coalition with the directive of Ecevit and Erbakan.

Also the DYP-SHP coalition, within the knowledge of Demirel and İnönü, it could be formed as a result of Cavit Çağlar and Hikmet Çetin's efforts. Now, there are names who keep in touch with the AK Party, CHP and MHP. Also, a group of people are severely trying to form a partnership between the CHP and MHP. After the Prime Minister Davutoğlu takes the duty to form the government in order to continue the coalition negotiations, he is planning to build a team in order to be in touch with the CHP and MHP.

Out of this team, separate sub- committees will be formed for the CHP and MHP, according to the relations.

These names spontaneously coming together with these two parties will convey the proposals and take the suggestions. After all these are gathered and evaluated in the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, a road map will be followed.

In the AK Party although the first priority is a snap election, a positive approach is dominating for a coalition government.

But AK Party's biggest red line is President Erdoğan. The AK Party thinks that the opposition is trying to set a trap for it about the Erdoğan issue.

An AK Party which sacrifices its leader for a coalition deal cannot live. The Prime Minister saying, “Everything that targets our President has already targeted us ” presented a clear attitude about this topic.

Erdoğan is the red line; no step can be taken back about him.


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