I want to warn you before it's too late - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

I want to warn you before it's too late

There are only 13 days before the elections; however, there are still some nuisances and uncertainties.

Those are;

1-When the elections started, the voting rate of the uncertain people was 15%. During the final phase of the elections, this rating regressed to 5%. However, this year, it's preserving the 14% level. What's important here is; an important part of those uncertain people is formed of AK Party voters. President Erdoğan pointed at this by saying, “This year's elections will be full of surprises”.

2-The matter of “whether HDP will exceed the threshold or not” is preserving its importance. Recent surveys and observations in the field are showing that HDP will exceed the threshold.

3-AK Party's voting rate and the number of parliamentarians they will have in the parliament.

In the case HDP exceeds the threshold; their number of parliamentarian seats will gain more importance than their voting rates.

The Prime Minister is working hard. He already doubled Kılıçdaroğlu and tripled Bahçeli in the number of rallies conducted. President Erdoğan is also in the squares. Then, where does this uncertainty of AK Party voters originate from? Did the dual display cause confusion?

If the segment, which voted for AK Party in the previous elections, but questions his/her relation with the party now, is not won back, then Turkey might be face to face with waking up to a coalition on the morning of June 8th.

AK Party managed to connect two sides of the Bosphorus with a sub-sea tunnel. However, it seems that they have some problems with the affection bridges of some voters. AK Party's biggest rival in these elections is again AK Party. The way to succeeding in the upcoming elections is based on winning back the AK Party voters. In a projection in November, it was stated that AK Party's votes might reach 55%. When we entered January, the voting rate was around 50%. What caused its decrease? As you know, their arguments that was reflected on the public in those days. They noticed it later on and they stepped on the brakes. As we entered May, there was a recovery. The indicators started to increase, but something happened and it reversed.

AK Party needs to find a solution to this matter within 2 weeks.

You might construct the third bridge, third airport, a three-layered sub-sea tunnel under Istanbul, and an airport in the middle of the sea; however, if some of your expressions and attitudes caused a distress within your voter base, then it means that there is a problem.

It's understood that some part of the AK Party voter religionists and Kurds are experiencing such questioning.

It's understood that the emotional disengagement with the Kurds in the West started with Uludere, Kobani and “There is no Kurdish issue” expression. Besides, there is a 14% segment that put a distance between the party and themselves, but is still voting for the party. For the first time in these elections, such a structure was revealed. We are conceptualizing them as AK Party indecisives. This is a segment that voted for AK Party in the previous elections and doesn't want to vote for another party. Here, it's necessary to see the contribution of the mistakes made in the parliamentarian list in this display.

They are waiting for AK Party to notice this situation and persuade them.

In the 1989 local elections, the nation wanted to warn ANAP. However, Turkey paid dearly for this. The losing side in the struggle between change supporters and status quo supporters had been the change supporters. Özal attempted to balance this to a certain degree by stepping up to Çankaya; however, he failed. Following the death of Özal, status quo supporters declared their victory. This was how Turkey was dragged in the 90s. This was how we were dragged to the days of February 28th with the coalition governments, where the kerchief ban was aggravated, OHAL (Emergency Rule in the southeast) became a fate, and unidentified murders become widespread. We experienced a severe economic crisis. We paid heavy prices for those days.

We love to give examples of His Holiness Muhammad's companions in sermon rostrums, conference rooms or rallies.

When we tell people about the story of His Holiness Omar as he prayed to God against the congregation that told him, “We will straighten you with our swords”, our eyes begin to swell with tears.

Those companions were being oppressed and forced to immigrate for choosing His Holiness Muhammad's religion over their ancestors' religions. Thus, they were saying “Let my parent be sacrificed for you my God”.

Despite all this, between the ulema there were discussions that this will not cause polytheisms and the conclusion was that this was a way of addressing our Prophet Muhammad only unique to his companions.

Today, people can leave aside their decencies and principles, and say, “Let my parents, husband/wife and children be sacrificed for Erdoğan”.

They are not content with it.

They are having conversations like; “During my leftist period, I was unable to understand the love between Rumi and the Sun. After I get to know Rumi, I understood that such divine love can happen between two men”.

As of now, neither Rumi nor Sun, nor anyone, is in the position of being His Holiness Muhammad's companion. These do not avail towards Erdoğan and AK Party. They are only damaging the affection bridges and our case is being damaged.

We used to be people known for modesty. Now we are being remembered with our arrogance and sultanate. They are not good signs.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is requisite for our country and Islam World.

He had great services.

He expanded the country at least 5 times more. He caused the military guardianship to regress. Kerchiefed people became first class citizens.

The kerchiefed people, who were not allowed in the parliament, became parliamentarians. Mid-segments of Imam Hatip high schools were opened; Koran and Prophetic Biography classes were included in the schools. The Resolution Process was started.

His services cannot be counted since there are many.

Simply, may God bless him. He is one of the two names I mention in my morning prayers.

However, the expressions like, “I have two guns and lots of ammunition. Without killing me, shooting me, hanging me, no one will lay a hand on the elected President of this country”, is providing us no avail. On the contrary, they are harming Erdoğan.

Yes, there are two guns. However, their barrels are pointed at Erdoğan.

They are the ones who will abandon Erdoğan when he stumbles. Didn't we see the same thing in Özal's or Çiller's cases? When they found new masters, they stabbed those two in the back. Menderes stood trial in Yassıada due to Ethem Menderes', who Menderes gave the surname to, journal.

Erdoğan, AK Party and Davutoğlu are all requisite for this country.

Please, do not sacrifice Erdoğan for your small benefits.

I wanted to warn everyone before it's too late.


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