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Sultanahmet and Sur, part of the same plan

Terrorism has struck our hearts once again.

Daesh attacked Sultanahmet (the Blue Mosque) this time.

The point of attack being Sultanahmet is very important.

Sultanahmet is Turkey's most touristic spot.

The place is strategically important in terms of announcing the act to the world.

Targeting Turkey's most touristic venue is a new type of attack.

I'm afraid, but I believe that targeting touristic venues is a new kind threat we now face.

The act has traces of Daesh's.

It is alleged that the suicide bomber recently entered through the Syrian border, and was being followed for a while.

He is said to be Nabil Fadli of Syrian decent.

Well, if the suicide bomber was followed, how did he manage to conduct this act of terrorism?

Was there a security vulnerability?

This attack could have been committed during an hour the area was more crowded.

Thus, this shows that the aim wasn't to kill as many people, but to give the world a message.

It can be thought that, caught in between operations, Daesh is probably trying to change the point of attraction by using a suicide bomber.

This isn't Daesh's first attack in Turkey. It previously attacked Suruç and Ankara.

Suicide bombing acts need organized work.

The suicide bomber comes from a different route than where the bomb set-ups are made.

Then the suicide bomber and the bombs are brought together in another site.

While the suicide bomber is transferred to the actual position, there is an observer, in a vehicle, reconnoitering the area.

Thus, the suicide bomber does not gird himself with the bombs in Syria and come to Istanbul.

Turkey is facing a systematic attack.

We are fighting Daesh on one side, and the PKK on the other. Daesh, the PKK and DHKP-C started attacks simultaneously after July 20, as if the start buttons were pushed from the same point.

Why is Turkey being targeted?

The fire in Syria is trying to be spread into Turkey with a systematic project.

We are under a global terror attack.

They are carried out through Iraq and Syria, and now they are trying to do the same with Turkey.

We cannot distinguish between the city wars in Cizre, Sur, Silopi and the attack in Istanbul.

There names and addresses might be different, one might have the PKK label while the other has Daesh, but their acts serve the same purpose.

There aim is to turn Turkey into Syria.

Iran, cooperating with foreign powers in Iraq and Syria, is a country, which provokes attacks against Turkey. Yet, little does it know that before or after Turkey, it will be their turn.

The Middle East is being restructured through invasions and terrorist attacks. Iraq and Syria have physically been divided into three pieces.

Everything is ready to draw the borders for three different countries in Iraq; a Shiite, Kurdish and a Sunni Arab state.

Likewise, Syria is in the same bloodbath.

Syria is divided into Nusayri in the center, a Kurdish state in the north and a Sunni Arab state in the south. Maps of Syria and Iraq have already been redrawn in the minds and hearts. This division is imminent; yet, the real matter is to keep them together.

Some want it to be Turkey's turn next. The PKK is attacking in the southeast and Daesh in the west, in their name for their purposes.

After Daesh attacked Suruç on July 20, the PKK killed two police officers in Ceylanpınar and thus started the war. The Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) was assigned to attack Istanbul on the same day.

Since the three terrorist organizations were directed by the same hand, the buttons were pressed the same day too.

This isn't an issue of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

This is an issue of Turkey.

If we do not want to become refugees in our own land like the Syrians, or live in a country divided into parts because of war like in Iraq, then we have to stake a claim on our own fate.

This is that day.

Today isn't the day to be a Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporter.

Neither is it a day to support the Republican People's Party (CHP) or the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), or the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

Today is the day to support Turkey.

Or, our country will slip through our fingers.

Because, it is evident that some think it is time for Turkey now. It is clear that they want to turn Turkey into Syria.

They want to do the same thing they did to Iraq and Syria.

Once upon a time, Baghdad's streets were alight.

Once upon a time, happy people lived in Damascus.

What state are those people in now?

They of course didn't come to this state in a day.

It is apparent that they are trying to pull us into the same trap.

Let's not give the PKK the chance to dig ditches, Daesh the chance to explode its suicide bombers, and others to destabilize Turkey through terrorism.

The trap is big.

The target is Turkey.

They want to throw Turkey in a river full of vicious alligators.

We want to conduct a mutual operation to block Daesh from entering Jarabulus.

We want to clear the region from Daesh, settle the Arab and Turkmens here, and form a physical buffer zone beyond our borders.

The U.S. isn't agreeing, despite being our ally.

Therefore, Daesh militants passing through the Syrian border are coming to Istanbul and exploding their bombs in Sultanahmet.

We allowed the U.S. to deploy its army at our İncirlik air base in order to fight Daesh.

We are one of the leading countries in the coalition formed against Daesh.

Daesh committed attacks in Suruç, Ankara, and Istanbul.

It held the staff of our Consulate General in Mosul hostage.

Daesh has conducted most attacks on our country.

I am writing this article as the Sultanahmet Square is still covered in the blood of Daesh's latest victims.

We are suffering the most from Daesh's attacks.

Yet, some still try to portray us as the country that supports Daesh. What kind of contradiction is this?


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