The AK Party's Plan B

Plan A was that the Turkish Grand National Assembly's Constitutional Reconciliation Commission would formulate the new Constitution. The commission named “Reconciliation” was dissolved, since it could not reconcile.

If plan A's political life ends, plan B will start. What will happen?

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will present to the Parliament speaker the constitutional draft that it prepared.

Actually, it was what the AK Party should do at first.

Two years have gone to waste because of a commission which was obviously not going to be able to reach a conclusion in the name of reconciliation.

The reconciliation commission established after the November 1 elections was dissolved this time, as it was unable to pass to the basics from the method.

Now there is speculation on whether the commission will continue with the three parties after the withdrawal of the Republican People's Party (CHP).

The CHP's three-pronged proposal caused the the ropes to break in the reconciliation commission.

1- Let the name of the reconciliation commission change to “discharge commission for the coup law.”

2- Let's not discuss the first four articles of the Constitution, which include the establishment philosophy of the Republic.

3- Let's not discuss another system aside from the parliamentary system.

Excuse me, am I wrong? As the name implies, isn't this a "reconciliation" commission?

What does it mean to say "Well, if you don't accept my conditions I will withdraw?" Well wasn't democracy a regime of reconciliation for the CHP? If its proposal is accepted, then the CHP will dominate 75 percent of the people with its 25 percent of vote rate. And also has the CHP just discovered the presence of this commission? For two years they worked on this commission.

The CHP wants the laws, bylaws and circulars which were made in the coup period to be eliminated from our justice system. It is a request which can be signed by all the democrats. But is it the duty of the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission? As the name implies, it will make another constitution related with the coup law, bylaws and circulars. Although the proposal of the CHP is right, the path it is taking is wrong. In the commission, Süha Aldan of the CHP says a commission could be formed for this if needed.

The AK Party has already carried out detailed work on this issue. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, in the visit he paid to CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu after the elections, asked for his support on this issue. He said both parties could present the packages they prepared to each other. I had discussed this issue with the deputy prime minister in charge of reforms, Lütfü Elvan, before. When I called yesterday, the minister was working with the commission. This work has been considerably completed. The AK Party will ask for the support of the opposition on the elimination of the coup law. It will be the honor of the Parliament with the ruling party and the opposition if a negotiation is reached.

What does it mean to make it an issue of a crisis? If there is someone who understands this, let him explain it. When the crisis broke out in the reconciliation commission, the Central Executive Committee of the AK Party was in a meeting with Prime Minister Davutoğlu. The AK Party determined a road map for the reconciliation until the end.

Davutoğlu called the opposition leaders back to the table. As for the CHP, on one hand it was in a rush to explain why it toppled the table; on the other hand, it looked for an answer on returning to the table again or not.

The only reason why the CHP toppled the table is its Erdoğan-phobia. Their reason is: “When the presidential system is discussed in the reconciliation commission, at the same time President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan goes to the fields to explain the presidential system. As the presidential system is being discussed, the support in the public opinion has increased. Let's not fall into this trap.”

If this is a trap, sorry, the CHP has already fallen into it. Already it is obvious that a new constitution will not be made by this commission. In this situation without losing any time, the AK Party presents its own proposal to the Parliament and the president goes to the fields.

Yesterday the CHP held one meeting after another. The CHP was contacted to return to the table. But Selin Sayek Böke announced that unless their conditions are accepted it would not be possible for them to return to the table. It is not clear yet what kind of presidential system the AK Party will propose. If the proposal of the AK Party is seen, at least we will have something to say to the public.

“The presidential system can be discussed, we do not say it cannot be discussed. What do you mean by the presidential system, go explain this to the people.” Don't these words belong to the CHP Chair Kılıçdaroğlu?

This is such a contradiction. What is the difference between this and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş's “we will not make you the president” campaign?

The struggle within the CHP sometimes takes precedence over the country's issues.

I wonder whether Former CHP Chairman Deniz Baykal's recent rebuke on the CHP's toppling the table quickly had some effect.

In the lobbies there is a prevailing opinion that Baykal's effect is too great to ignore.

As for the road map of the AK Party, it will go for reconciliation until the end. Parliament speaker İsmail Kahraman will wait for the result of the call he made to the party leaders.

If the CHP does not return to the table, it will continue with three parties. If the table dissolves, the AK Party should dissolve it.

The party with a vote rate of 50 percent and 317 deputies in Parliament accepts that it is one of four parties in the reconciliation commission, whereas the party having a vote rate of 25 percent ignores the will of the three parties representing 75 percent of the people.

This is an imposition.

Here is the atmosphere in the AK Party front: They will go for reconciliation until the end. This process has to be completed. With the football saying they are in a mood like “Before the AK Party says it's done, it is not done.” If the other opposition parties announce that they are withdrawing from the commission, a new situation will emerge.

The AK Party's plan B will come into play then. It will present the draft constitution to the Turkish Grand National Assembly which has been prepared according to the presidential system.

Here, the problem is different. They saw the presidency as the last fort of the regime. For this cause they staged coups, gave memoranda and issued the “367 decisions.” They could not succeed. This time their problem is to prevent Erdoğan from being president. That's why the CHP toppled the table, but it seems that it was left under it.


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