The button was hit before the elections - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

The button was hit before the elections

We were at the Parliament when the hostage crisis surfaced in Istanbul.
The Prime Minister had concluded his speech at AK Party's parliamentary group meeting and left the premises.
I was about to visit Bekir Bozdağ, the former Minister of Justice in his room as the hostage crisis was taking place in Istanbul.
As I was preparing to get inside the room, he raced out of his room. The Prime Minister had called him over to discuss the matter.
I asked about his initial assessment of the issue.

He was emphasizing the potential link between the blackout in Turkey and the weapons gaining access into the Istanbul courthouse.
He was of the opinion that the incident was an “organized” piece of work.

The initial information I received from a few sources leaned towards the idea that the weapons were brought inside the Çağlayan Courthouse through the cooperation of lawyers. At first, there were debates about whether there were two or three people inside. As time passed, it became clear that three people had taken Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz hostage. His room was quite narrow and risky for a police operation.

Just when the talks began, I spoke with Selami Altınok, the Police Chief of Istanbul. He stated that a détente, which would probably produce dialogue, was achieved. He was hopeful, but was also prepared.

And crackerjack detective Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's remarks had not been made yet.
However, I was trying to keep an eye on the hostage crisis on one hand, and take the pulse of the Parliament on the other.

While Turkey's eyes and ears were set on the news that would come from Istanbul, the thoughts and minds of those in the Parliament were set to the party lists and the upcoming elections.

We did not even witness a single deputy in the Parliament take the floor and ask “What is going on?”
Yet, the DHKP-C taking the prosecutor, who handled the Berkin Elvan case, hostage was closely related to the elections.

The act meant something as the outlawed organization was established on March 30, 1994 and March 31 almost coincided with their anniversary.

Nevertheless, security units had been warned about the attacks which would take place prior to the elections.

Information was received about DHKP-C's - the outlawed organization which owns terrorist camps in Syria thanks to its cooperation with the Assad regime there- action plans before the elections. The closure of entrances from the Syrian border was particularly significant in this respect.

Why June 7?

Because there will be no other elections for another four years.

Choosing the prosecutor who is handling the case of a symbolic name from the Gezi Park incidents was not an accidental matter.

Meanwhile, Sami Elvan, Berkin Elvan's father, conveyed prudential messages. He said “My son died, but I do not want other people to die. The prosecutor should be released, blood cannot be cleaned with blood.”

Such are mothers and fathers.

In the 70s, when Mahir Çayan had taken Sibel Erkan as hostage in Istanbul, his mother Ms. Naciye had made a call to him, saying, “My dear son, please come and surrender, for my sake son.”
Didn't Özgecan's father teach us all a lesson in humanity?

Unfortunately, we did not see such prudent assessments being made by Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the main opposition party CHP.

The CHP leader said “If a country's national intelligence organization monkeys around with things they have no business with, the rooms of prosecutors of the Republic may well be raided with a flourish of trumpets.”


Just as we started the reconciliation process and the PKK was fading from the scene, they revived the DHKP-C, which had been out for the count for a long time now.

The DHKP-C is an organization produced by the European Gladio.

Fehriye Erdal, one of the perpetrators of the Sabancı assassination who was caught with the efforts of Turkey was released in Brussels - the Brussels, which is the heart of the EU.

After Paşa Güven was liquidated as a result of Dursun Karataş's dirty relations, the organization became sort of a “Made in Europe” organization and was put into action for “time adjusted” acts.

Zerrin Sarı, Seher Demir and Musa Aşoğlu, who are among the founders of the DHKP-C, still freely roam about along the Germany-Brussels line.

On the days which dragged Turkey into to the March 12 intervention, the THKP-C card was pulled. The March 12 coup was an operation prepared by England and transferred to the CIA on the morning of March 12.

The U.S. had used the left to topple the right-wing Demirel administration…

Those chanting slogans “America get out,” were unknowingly aiding the coup by driving the 6th Fleet to the sea, raiding the radar base of NATO in Ünye and burning the vehicle of the American ambassador. They believed they would carry out a revolution, but the coup had taken place within hours.

It's a shame that three young men were killed…

Whatever you do, do not perceive DHKP-C's latest act in Istanbul as an ordinary one.
They had pushed the button for activities on a large scale, right before the general elections.


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