They are preparing for the second move with the MIT lorries - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

They are preparing for the second move with the MIT lorries

The parallel structure conducted its first operation on the Cumhuriyet Newspaper during the Ergenekon process. Despite his old age and sickness, İlhan Selçuk was taken into custody in the morning.

When Mustafa Balbay was arrested, he was the Ankara representative of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

The parallel structure walked all over the Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

It must be a weird irony of fate.

Can Dündar's leading position in Cumhuriyet Newspaper also happened over the parallel structure.

The prosecutors, who conducted operations directed at İlhan Selçuk and Mustafa Balbay, were vindicated and purified by Can Dündar's interviews and they were presented as the angels fighting against corruption.

Those interviews provided Can Dündar the Executive Director seat of Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

Thus, the parallel structure walked all over Cumhuriyet Newspaper for the second time.

This was neither Can Dündar's fault, nor the skill of the parallel structure.

After the Gülen-led group's newspapers lost their plausibility and Taraf's dirty laundry had been exposed to the public, the Cumhuriyet Newspaper had been formatted by the senior mind and introduced into the market.

Nowadays, Can Dündar is busy paying his debt. Of course, this was not the only reason why the case of MIT lorries was re-opened.

Whatever the objective of the MIT lorries operation, which had been conducted in Hatay and Adana after the December 17-25 operation, it is the same today.

In December 17-25, their objective was to overthrow Erdoğan. They started writing the “that period's Prime Minister” records before the operation. When that failed, this time they made a move to have the government judged in the International Crime Court, and create a justification for the “Closure Case” that will be opened by the Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor's Office against AK Party. In the same dates, they started operations in some centers, especially Van, that will prove the relation between AK Party and Al Qaeda. With this intention, an operation had been conducted in the house of AK Party's Van Mayor candidate.

In those periods, in the light of the information I've acquired, I've said that there was a preparation to open a closure case against AK Party with MIT and Al Qaeda operations.

It seems that their election calculations related with AK Party did not work out. The international system had taken action once again. Now, they are preparing for the second move. They are planning to display AK Party as a rulership that provided weapons to terrorist organizations. First put AK Party in the same frame with terror and then open the closure case after AK Party loses its international legitimacy.

Don't say it won't happen. Wasn't there a closure case against AK Party after they become the single rulership for the second time in 2007 elections with 47% voting rate? I'd like to draw attention to the special effort presented in the MIT lorries operation.

The Turkmen, who were caught in crossfire during the Syria civil war, had no protector other than Turkey.

Upon the call of those Turkmen, on January 1,2014, a secret code (belonging to MIT) had been notified and the Lorries departed from Ankara. When those lorries departed from Ankara, H.A. from Hatay Gendarmerie Intelligence Office, made a report. The lorries could be stopped within Ankara borders. If not, the same action could be taken in Aksaray or Niğde. They did not. They waited for the lorries to enter the Hatay territory. Prosecutor Özman Şiman went to Kırıkhan and demanded to search the lorries despite knowing that those lorries belonged to MIT.

Minister of Justice, Bekir Bozdağ, stated that he was together with the Ministry of Interior and the MIT Undersecretary, and he said that those lorries belonged to MIT, and those lorries cannot be searched due to the MIT law, and asked the Adana Public Prosecutor to act accordingly to the law.

On January 19th, before the lorries even pass Ankara Gölbaşı, this time a sergeant named G.M from the Çukurambar district made a report. The lorries weren't stopped in Ankara, Aksaray or Niğde. From the moment those lorries entered the Adana borders, they were monitored. The parallel prosecutors were in action. Before the report has been made, prosecutor Aziz Takcı came together with the Gendarmerie officials in his house. Aziz Takcı was not the duty prosecutor, however, he didn't even notify the duty prosecutor. The lorries had been surrounded by the gendarmes. The MIT members, who stated that they work for MIT and had shown their IDs, were handcuffed and the lorries were seized.

This incident happened in Adana, but it was being hidden from the Mayor of Adana, Hüseyin Avni Coş. Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander, Özkan Çokay, notified Mayor Coş at 12:40, however, the first images from the scene were distributed to DHA around 12:31. On that day, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was in Adana together with 140 of our ambassadors, and the Geneva-2 meeting, which was a critical process from the point of the civil war in Syria, was about to begin.

Upon hearing the news, the Mayor of Adana, Hüseyin Avni Coş went to the scene.. He stated that the lorries belonged to MIT and that no operation can be made. However, the parallel prosecutors were keen on searching the lorries. Thus, Turkey's operation had been deciphered by the parallel prosecutors.

The ones, who were applauding as a part of the weapons the U.S. provided to Kobani were captured by ISIL, were declaring that Turkey's aid towards Bayır-Bucak Turkmen was a weapon support for ISIL. This was an espionage war against Turkey.

Why would Turkey; which started the Train-Equip program within the context of fighting against ISIL; which called for a land operation against ISIL from the U.S. and International community; whose 149 citizens were held as hostages by ISIL for months; support ISIL?

This is an international perception operation. It is the signal of the preparations directed at the post-June 7th elections.

I'd like to say a couple of words to MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli.

Mr. Bahçeli, why does the aid going to Bayır-Bucak Turkmen annoy you?

Mr. Bahçeli, do you have a case like the Turkish world and Turkmens? When was the last time you have visited Turkish Republics? When was the last time you met with the Turkmen? During the Türkeş era, MHP headquarters were the second address for the Turkmens. If Türkeş was alive, you would have mobilized for aiding the Turkmen, but now calling people to account for that. What's the difference between Selahattin Demirtaş's accusations on the matter of MIT lorries and yours? MIT lorries did not explode in the rulership's face, Mr. Bahçeli; you, as the MHP leader, are trapped under those lorries.


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