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Turkey's safe zone plan

Russia hit a school and hospital in Azaz.
Nobody came out and asked Russia why.
But when Turkey hit the People's Protection Units (YPG), the US pushed the panic button.
Washington's call to Ankara regarding the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the YPG's parent organization, led to a complete disappointment.
I had never seen Ankara so reactive to Washington.
As if the PYD and Turkey are two separate legitimate powers.
This is like Turkey equating the US and al-Qaida as one and the same.
Then the US and al-Qaida should be considered as two equal legitimate powers.
Would the US accept this?
Unless the US rectifies this matter, it may face a more top-level showdown from Ankara.
Turkey's determination has been tested for a while now.
Therefore, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu saying "We will not let Azaz fall" is of significance.
Turkey had recently declared the PYD's crossing over to the west of the Euphrates as its red line.
The plan to cross the PYD to the east of Afrin upon this attitude of Turkey was not accepted by Turkey either.
The prime minister said, "The YPG will not cross over to the west of the Euphrates. Nor will it enter Azaz, namely the east of Afrin."
Upon Turkey's decisiveness, this time Russia tried its hand at perception management.
First, Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime claimed that Turkish troops entered Syria.
Syria's allegation was denied at the highest level by Prime Minister Davutoğlu.
This is because only the YPG positions at Mannagh Military Airport were targeted with the Fırtına howitzers.
As if that wasn't enough, this time Russia mentioned a world war.
Hence, it targeted the West, which loses its composure over any mention of war.
Therefore, Prime Minister Davutoğlu's “We should not give prominence to speculations that we are going to war. We should not fall for perception operations such as these,” warning was appropriate.

I want to expand a little on the prime minister's “We will not let Azaz fall” statement.

If the area between Azaz and Tel Rifaat is taken, it will cut all ties between Turkey and the moderate opposition.

Thus, if the YPG takes Azaz and Tel Rifaat, it will cut off our life line.

So, is there such a threat?

Yes. In fact, the threat is at our doorstep.

There is concern that as soon as Azaz and Tel Rifaat fall, a huge wave of Syrian migration estimated between 400,000 and 500,000 will be at our borders.

Last week Vice President Numan Kurtulmuş mentioned 600,000 refugees.

What will we do when 500,000 Syrians arrive at our border after Azaz and Tel Rifaat fall. Will we open our borders and allow these people in?

The West says, “Turkey should open the Syrian border, but close the Western border.”

Is this possible?

Turkey, which has been hosting 2.5 million Syrians for five years, is about to close the doors of the dam in Turkey.

Turkey has a plan for this situation that it has been considering.

We have already been implementing it for some time now.

But if 400,000 to 500,000 asylum seekers come to our doorstep, this cannot be possible with administrative measures taken remotely.

Turkey's new Azaz plan is based on Turkish troops going in up to 10 kilometers and establishing a “safe zone” within Syrian borders.

Troops are going to go in 10 kilometers from our border and keep the asylum seekers who come here in the safe zone to be established.

This requires support from the US, because the safe zone to be established by Turkish troops entering from the ground and going in 10 kilometers needs to be under the US's umbrella.

This is a completely humanitarian situation.

But it requires a military protection shield.

I believe this is currently being discussed with the US.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she supported a no-fly zone in Syria.

But how will the US, which is in a key position here, respond?

What will happen if the US does not support this plan?

There is a plan B, but the problem is huge.

There is one other second point.

There is proof that with Russia joining the operations in Syria, the PYD's control is now in the hands of Russia rather than the US.

Russia opened an office for the PYD in Moscow. Also, fields of joint cooperation have been established on the ground between the PYD, Russia and the Assad regime.

I will mention it.

The airstrip at Mannagh Air Base, which Turkey hit with Fırtına howitzers, was recently extended.

The airstrip was extended to allow landing and takeoff for airplanes.

Karkemish International Airport, which is right under our nose, is also being fortified by Russian staff.

There is “monitoring base” in Qamishli that was set up by the Russians a while ago and an “operations center” in Hasakah established by Russia and the PYD.

Russia is trying to strengthen its hand ahead of the third Geneva meeting to be held on February 25.

Hence it is continuing the heavy attacks on moderate opposition groups. The only one not attacked by Russia is Daesh…

Russia had entered Syria to fight Daesh.

It is yet to carry out a single operation aimed at Daesh.

The US is in Syria to fight Daesh.

US aircraft are no longer carrying out effective operations aimed at Daesh.

The Syrian issue is becoming a more burning issue in terms of Turkey by the day.

The US wanted this to happen to Syria.

It was at the early stages of the Syrian Crisis.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to Turkey.

When talking about Syria's future, she asked, “Who will come after Assad goes?”

Upon the response, “Whoever the Syrian people choose will come,” she had said, “If an election happens, the Muslim Brotherhood will come. Yet Syria is inhabited by Nusayris, Christian Arabs and Druzes.”

Also, at about the same time when the future of Assad was being discussed, at the early stages of the Syrian civil war, Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and MOSSAD leaders got together in Egypt.

MOSSAD Director Tamir Pardo turned to MIT managers and said, “Who will come after Assad goes? Give me a name.”

MIT managers said the people of Syria will choose who they want.

MOSSAD Director Pardo said, “If Assad goes, the Muslim Brotherhood will come. We don't want this.”

The extension of the Syrian civil war was the US and Israel's project.

The US has never been sincere about Assad going from the very beginning.

If that wasn't enough, it brought Russia into Syria.

They turned Syria into a fireball and dropped it in Turkey's lap.


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