What is Syria's Plan B? - ABDÜLKADIR SELVI

What is Syria's Plan B?

The USA and Russia negotiated on the cease-fire in Syria.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the success of the cease-fire that will come into effect on February 27 will be obvious within a few days.

Kerry did not neglect to speak softly, but carry a big stick.

He said if the cease-fire fails Plan B will be activated. Plan B means Syria's division.

Actually, it has already been divided into three parts. In Damascus, a Nusayri state, in Northern Syria, Kurdish administration and in the middle, the region said to belong to Sunni Arabs under control of Daesh.

With the latest bombardments, Russia wants to extend the area of the Assad regime and tries to join Aleppo to Damascus.

This plan is neither new, nor it is the USA's plan B.

It may have the common USA-Russia patent, but it is an Israeli project.

Published in “Kivunim” (Tendencies Magazine) in 1982, in the plan on the Syria evaluation that has the signature of the Israeli diplomat Oded Yinon, this country's being divided in three was mentioned.

I will underline that the part of the report pertaining to Iraq came true exactly. I am not a person who connects everything with an American conspiracy or Israeli plans, but I am not naive enough to believe that the developments that will cause separation of countries, governments' overthrow and civil wars are coincidence.

It is known that the cease-fire negotiated between the USA and Russia does not include Daesh and Al Nusra.

This point has been forming one of the weak link in the chain.

Russia and the USA haven't conducted an effective operation on Daesh until now. Particularly when we have a look at Russia's operations in Syria, 88 percent of them targeted moderate opposition forces and 12 percent targeted Daesh.

What will guarantee Russia's not hitting the moderate opposition, particularly Turkmens, claiming that it is hitting Daesh and Al Nusra?

If a mechanism could be formed to follow the cease-fire and Turkey could take part in that mechanism, we could be sure of this point.

At this stage, another point to follow carefully is ammunition Russia burnt in Syria. According to intelligence reports, Russia is burning expired ammunition in the Syrian inventories.

For the big weapon-producing countries such as Russia, that has weapons and ammunition remaining from the Soviet era, the USA's and China's destruction of the ammunition is a big problem.

For a while there have been analyses showing that Russia has been using thousands of tons of expired ammunition that has to be used up in Syria. Of course Russia has been doing this on the innocent Syrians, with a bloodbath on civilians in Aleppo and Turkmens in Bayır-Bucak.

Syria process has been directly affecting us.

Almost we came to a point to say that the target is not the Assad regime or Daesh anymore, but Turkey.

The bombs that exploded in Ankara over the span of four months, suicide bombings in Sultanahmet and Suruç, cannot be taken independently of the process in Syria.

As Syria is being designed, they are trying to keep Turkey away from the table and busy with PKK-PYD and Daesh suicide bombings.

That was the reason beneath PKK's unilaterally breaking the cease-fire and starting the urban wars, at the same time triggering the PKK-DAESH and DHKP-C attacks.

Unfortunately, this process continues. Silopi and Cizre were cleared. The struggle in Sur has been going on. But those who staged the scenario to keep Turkey busy with terror for a while are now preparing for staging the “urban war” concept in İdil, Nusaybin and some neighborhoods in Şırnak.

Civilians mostly evacuated Nusaybin and İdil. Those who stayed in the city are desperate and poor people. Where are those quitting Nusaybin and İdil going? Till now no one has gone to the cantons of PYD in Syria. Just as no one went there from Sur, Cizre or Silopi. There is also no one going to the region under the Barzani administration.

Well, where are the Kurds going? Kurds are going to the other cities in their own country. To Gaziantep, Adana, Ankara and Istanbul. The outlawed PKK lost the Kurds with the urban wars. That's why the results emerged after the research of the lecturer Dr. Mehmet Yanmış of the Dicle University sociology department are not surprising.

76.6 percent of the Kurds find the trenches and barricades wrong.

It shouldn't be forgotten that the People's Democratic Party (HDP) received a record level of 80-90 percent of votes in the region. I mean just as the footballer of Trabzonspor Salih Dursun showed the red card to the referee, the Kurds are showing the red card to the PKK and HDP.

A short time ago I was at the Öncüpınar border gate with the Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan.

For the Friday prayer we went to the historical Cüneyne Mosque in Kilis.

After the prayer the Mayor of Kilis Hasan Kara spoke.

“The population of Kilis is 90,400 people. The number of the registered Syrians in Kilis is 125,700. Around 15-20 thousand unregistered Syrians are being sheltered. We have been sheltering more refugees than the population of Kilis.”

While Kilis has been sheltering Syrian one and a half times more refugees than its population, how many refugees is the USA, the superpower of the world, with its population of 318 million sheltering?

In words three hundred, in numbers again 300 refugees.

Against this picture let me ask you, doesn't Kilis deserve the Nobel Peace prize?

For those who nominated Mytilene for Nobel Prize since a Greek woman fed a Syrian refugee with a bottle, a ton of feeding bottles should be sent.

Humanity has failed the test on the Syrian refugee issue.

While Iceland, which has a national average income of 36,000 USD, announced that within 2 years it will accept 50 refugees, Iraq with its per capita income of 3500 USD has been sheltering 249,000 Syrians.

While Denmark with an average income around 36000 USD per person, has decided to seize the rings and bracelets of Syrian refugees whom they haven't accepted yet, Jordan, which has a national income of around 5000 USD, embraced 629,000 refugees.

While Turkey, with a national average income of 10,000 USD, spending 9 billion in 5 years has been sheltering 2.5 million Syrians, the Vatican declared that they would take two families. Do not bother, Vatican, even Yaşar the grocer in Kilis can look after two families.


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