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What transpired in the meeting between AK Party and HDP

Let me answer the question everyone is wondering.

Did Prime Minister Davutoğlu refer to Demirtaş as “Selahattin” during his HDP visit?

The answer is; no.

If you can remember, due to Demirtaş's statement that Jerusalem is the holy city of the Jewish people, Prime Minister said; “I will no longer call him Selahattin”.

Thus, this question was being circulated as of the beginning of the AK Party-HDP meeting.

Following the AK Party-HDP meeting, the first tour of negotiations had been completed.

I've spoken to both HDP and AK Party committees. They stated that it was a warm meeting.

Figen Yüksekdağ spoke on behalf of HDP in the meeting. She cited her party's opinions under the topics of “Democracy, Justice and Peace”.

At the beginning of her speech, she gave messages related with the coalition.

She is recommending an “AK Party-CHP government”. It's interesting; MHP's leader Devlet Bahçeli also advised AK Party to form a government with CHP. Miss Figen gave another message also; “We are prepared to discuss the election government”.

Selahattin Demirtaş intervened one time, and asked for Prime Minister's opinions on the “nation state” matter. Davutoğlu replied, “We are against an ethnic-based state structure.”

At the end of the meeting, Demirtaş took the floor again; “The applicable thing for AK Party is to form a government with CHP”. Then, he led the conversation up to MHP. HDP members were sitting on the edge of their seats in fear of AK Party establishing a coalition with MHP. Demirtaş said, “Categorically, we are not against an AK Party-MHP coalition. However, MHP is regarding us as being blurred. It's not only us that used the war government statement; there is a perception towards this direction”.

Demirtaş also said, “We will support the AK Party-CHP coalition. However, if it's not possible, and if you say that we should go for early elections, we can also sit down and discuss that.”. HDP is not leaning towards early elections. If the AK Party-CHP government fails to be established, can Demirtaş's above statements be evaluated as an open credit for the election government? We should note this down.

In the last June elections, there had been a 4.5% vote shift from AK Party to HDP. While hosting the AK Party committee, HDP is was paying attention not to offend the votes that came from AK Party. They welcomed the Prime Minister at the door with a crowded committee. During the departure, HDP Co-Chairmen, Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ saw the Prime Minister to the door.

Besides, they bestowed the gift of a silver inlaid cup set made in Diyarbakır to the Prime Minister, who also brought chocolate as a token of politeness.

The İmralı meeting was also brought to the agenda. HDP asked “why” the İmralı meeting couldn't be held. AK Party responds with the “weapons should be laid down” answer. AK Party did not make any commitment on the matter of a meeting with İmralı; however, we can feel a stretching in their stiff attitude. HDP is in the “we are in a better position on the matter of İmralı visit compared to yesterday” mood.

In the meeting, Kobani was also brought to the agenda. The Prime Minister was asked about his opinions on the Kurdish people under PYD's control. Davutoğlu responded; “We are not distinguishing between the internal and external resolution process. Kurdish people are our siblings. There is a wrong perception being established on the matter of ISIL. Turkey is attempted to be shown as a country that aids ISIL. It's injustice.”

Davutoğlu made a remark on the matter of HDP; “Due to the statements like '“Internally or externally, we will not be supporting a government with AK Party under no circumstances'” after the elections, we never thought about HDP. During this process, many things related with us had been warped. Everyone ignored that we are the willpower that is conducting the resolution process. Even our President's statement related with Kobani had been warped. We are respectful towards the willpower behind HDP. Recently, we are observing the positive change in HDP.”

AK Party and HDP were gathered within the context of coalition negotiations; however, the weight of the meeting was formed by the “Resolution process”. Prime Minister said, “The resolution process cannot gain acceleration before the armed elements retreat.” As for Figen Yüksekdağ, she wants the steps, which are necessities of the agreement reached in Dolmabahçe, to be taken.

On the matter of the resolution process, both parties preserve their existing positions. The Prime Minister is stipulating the condition of the armed elements' retreat, while HDP wants the rest of the Dolmabahçe agreement fulfilled. No progress can be provided; however, a better mood is being achieved compared to yesterday.

Though, as the dialogue is being established, HDP has shown it has hope for progress in the resolution process.

After their meeting with AK Party, HDP members said, “The psychological gap has been exceeded.” As the committees departed, no name had been suggested for contact, like it was in meetings with CHP and MHP. They only said, “Let us be in contact.”

After the AK Party and CHP committees came together, people said, “The psychological gap has been exceeded.” When the AK Party-HDP meeting was actualized, people once again said, “The psychological gap has been exceeded.” Who said that? HDP.

The first round of the negotiations has been completed.

The Prime Minister wants to form a coalition. Kılıçdaroğlu wants to be included in the coalition.

Both MHP and HDP suggest an AK Party-CHP coalition.

The press, business world and Western countries are prepared to applaud the AK Party-CHP government.

Then, what's left in this situation? What are the leaders waiting for before establishing a coalition that will be applauded by everyone?

The truth of the matter is different.

MHP's desire is an establishment of a coalition between the center-right and center-left; so that AK Party and CHP will be worn off in the coalition, while MHP increases its votes.

HDP's desire is the formation of a coalition between two parties, the resolution process to be left on the table, to gain time by not heading to early elections, and to come out ahead in a conjuncture, where the coalition will be worn out, and in an environment, where MHP is the main opposition.

If the right and left sides of the center are worn out, next thing you'll know; MHP and HDP become the center of Turkey.

On top of these, next Tuesday or Wednesday, the first concrete moves will be taken. A commission will be formed in order to discuss the AK Party – CHP coalition.

It will be a coalition desk.

However, if you ask me if I'm hopeful for an AK Party – CHP coalition; I'm not.

The indicators are closer to early elections and an election government that will be formed by AK Party.

When we look at the credit opened by Demirtaş, after Bahçeli; the election government is outweighing the coalition.


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