The anglosphere's Five Eyes is said to be on Gaza!

"Five Eyes" is the name given to the "Electronic Intelligence Alliance" among the post-World War II countries of the "Anglosphere," including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The National Security Agency (NSA) in Australia's "Pine Gap" base monitors a large region through satellites. The coverage area of this base includes the Middle East and Africa.

An article titled "Targeting Palestine: Australia's Secret Support for Israel's Gaza Attack through Pine Gap" was featured on the Australian-based "Declassified Australia" news site. The report, authored by Peter Cronau, included information provided by David Rosenberg, who served at "Pine Gap" and the NSA for many years. According to these details, "Pine Gap" allegedly transfers communication and electronic intelligence data obtained in the Gaza Strip to the Israeli army. David Rosenberg, known for his books on "Pine Gap," claimed that the base personnel were tasked with collecting signals emanating from "command and control" centers in Gaza.

However, Israel is not interested in detailed information. Israel's target is the more than 2 million Palestinians squeezed into the narrow Gaza Strip. Peter Cronau asked the Australian Ministry of Defense about Pine Gap's role in the Israel-Gaza war and what justifications would be used to defend base personnel in case of legal accusations of "war crimes." However, he received no response.

On the "Declassified UK" site, there were reports of the US secretly shipping weapons to Israel from the military base in the Greek Cypriot sector of Cyprus. In an article titled "British Fighters in the Israeli Army: Is this Legal?" by Phil Miller on the same site, it was stated that hundreds of British citizens joined the Israeli Army. Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson posed with armed, military-uniformed British citizens in Jerusalem on November 5. The article also mentioned that British citizens served in the occupied "West Bank" and the Golan Heights. However, the British government, like the US, does not recognize Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights, as reported to the UN in 2019. Likewise, the UK considers the West Bank as occupied territory and deems Jewish settlements in this region illegal.

Another issue is the distribution of "M4" assault rifles, provided by the US to Israel, to illegal settlers in the West Bank. In late October, Israel's National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir even published photos showing civilians receiving assault rifles at a political event. Josh, the director of one of the offices overseeing arms sales at the US Department of State, resigned in protest of the Biden Administration's unconditional military support to Israel. Expressing concern about the use of US weapons against civilians, Josh stated, "The weapons requested by Israel were applicable not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank. For example, there are videos on Instagram right now showing Israeli officials distributing M4 assault rifles to settlers. I find this very alarming. It should be concerning for us because settlers have a record of violence against Palestinian civilians."

Despite concerns raised by Josh, the Biden Administration continues its unconditional arms shipments to Israel. According to leaked information from the Pentagon, the Biden Administration has transferred thousands of Hellfire missiles, tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells to Israel. It should also be noted that M4 assault rifles play a significant role in a new sale to Israel by the Biden Administration.

While thousands of children and over four thousand women have been killed in Gaza, the Biden Administration and the US Congress, which usually impose various "conditions," continue to provide unconditional military support to Israel when it comes to another country, including so-called 'human rights.'

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The anglosphere's Five Eyes is said to be on Gaza!
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