The broken system

The development of a country’s economic power is related to the moral values that represent that country. You could be an “Imperialist” state or even a state that “sustains justice”. That is a matter of preference. The history of capitalism is also the history of the acquisition of economic power and the molestation of that power in other countries. What capitalism brought humanity to is the deepening of the global inequality at the level of peril. However, Mr. Keynes had professed that the capitalist class will be reaching a satisfaction point after a certain time and the fortune will become socialized after that phase. More than a century had passed over the optimistic prophecy of Keynes. Mankind had experienced two great world wars, because of their passion for economic power and rulership. Smaller wars are still going on. That satisfaction point is yet to come, and meanwhile the fortune piled up and mankind continued to rot. Instead of the “common prosperity”, competitive, selfish and individual enrichment came into prominence. Public moral was stripped of its context, and the wheels of corruption and bribery grinded the virtues one by one by defiling them.

The Western world attempted to present the capitalist development model as if there were no other ways. Most of the scientists, economists and financial experts sang capitalism in the “verification tone”. They sang the same songs and repeated the same chorus. They improvised with numbers and indicators, and spread this virus into the blood of the Eastern people. This group of improvisator scientists had either made everyone forget about the honorable people, who were singing another folk song, or they stood in front of them like a screen in order to prevent them from being heard or seen.

Capitalism is a poisonous format; it will raise some people up and keep the big mass, which is left behind, at the bottom. In Quran, our Great God states that fortune shouldn’t be a power that only circulates between certain people. If mankind had lent an ear to this call, then world history would have been advancing towards another direction. Even the Islam world seems to be unable to comprehend this revelation. If they did, would this poverty ever have happened? Our God had furnished this world with plenty of food enough for all the creatures living in this world. Because of the sovereign “broken system”, this world is being tightened for billions of people.

As of now, big cities in Asia, Africa and South America are surrounded by hundreds of millions of people in poverty. These scenes of poverty, which don’t suit a person’s honor and dignity, had been achieved after the capitalist production model had ripped a great mass from their subsistence manufacturing. For example, in the fertile Nile basin, which has been a source of great wealth for thousands of years, people are being ripped apart from their sustaining agriculture by the hands of English and French colonists, and being directed to a single industrial manufacturing; cotton production. The cotton production, which is feeding the Western industry, didn’t benefit Egypt. The result was a terrible dictatorship, which is ruling thanks to the petrol-dollar sheikhs in the Gulf and their Western friends, bundles, who are living in poverty inside tomb houses in Cairo, and the poverty on the shores of the Nile.

In a meeting at Keşan, AK Party Vice Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş had said, “From now on, Turkey cannot remain standing with the economic programs, which are dictated from London, New York, Brussels or other capitals. Also, at the point arrived, Turkey cannot remain standing with economic programs that are dictated from Ankara. We are required to raise Turkey’s self-power and maximize Keşan’s, Edirne’s and all this basin’s capabilities.” Needless to say that we are saying Amen to this. However, we also know that the essential here is action. As long as Turkey doesn’t break away from the “broken system”, which makes a person lose his/her humanity, it will find neither prosperity nor humanity. 

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The broken system
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