The confounding step Trump has taken in Syria

It seems that Trump’s pledge to end the U.S.’s endless wars has gone to the dogs.

In the face of those forces who feed off those said wars he threw in the towel.

The not- so-rich oil reserves in eastern Syria were used as a carrot and so gave Trump the perfect excuse to remain in the war-torn country. This excuse however leads to a whole new set of questions.

Iraqi President Barham Salih, in an interview with U.S. channel HBO, said that he was worried over a possible war that would break out between Iran and the U.S., and that it would be disastrous for everyone across the region.

According to analysts, if the U.S. does go to war with Iran, the first battleground will be Iraq.

There are around 5000 US troops in Iraq.

It had been announced that the troops withdrawn from Syria’s north would be redeployed to western Iraqi regions.

The U.S. wants to use Western Iraq as a base for its Syria operations which the Iraqi government strongly opposes.

Reinforcements in the form of troops and tanks will be sent to Syria’s east, where oil fields are located.

In the area that connects Iran to Syria, Iraqi militia is stationed. It’s likely that conflict will break out between U.S. Forces and these militia, and could quickly spread.

Trump stated that he may strike an agreement with certain companies, primarily Exxon Mobil, to operate the oil fields in Syria’s east.

U.S. forces’ Syria mission has not yet been approved by Congress.

Can there be an energy company that can run the risk of operating Syrian oil fields in a region controlled by such a power?

Exxon Mobil did not comment on Trump’s statement.

Analysts say that in such a chaotic region, and in the face of the Damascus regime, it would be impossible for oil companies to invest.

If this is indeed the case, then there is an ulterior motive, and this needs to be observed.

There are certain groups in the U.S. that want to start a war between America and Iran.

These groups, which are supported by Israel and the Neocons, are strongly against the U.S. withdrawing from Syria.

And it seems that, for now, this opposition has succeeded in preventing a U.S. pullout.

Barack Obama had proved unsuccessful in withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

It seems that Trump won’t be able to accomplish that either.

It remains unclear as to when the mission of U.S. soldiers in Syria will come to an end.

New pretexts will be found in order for U.S. forces to remain in Syria. It is possible that various provocations will be carried out to justify the war.

In the case of the invasion of Iraq, the excuse was that Saddam Hussein was in possession of a biological and chemical weapons depot.

This was a scripted war, and of course there was no trace of chemical or biological weapons in the country. In the first Iraq War on the other hand, Saddam was persuaded to send troops to Kuwait.

Saddam Hussein was under the impression that the U.S. would turn a blind eye to him invading Kuwait.

However, this was how the Americans brought about his downfall. And the rest...is history as they say.

Trump repeatedly stated that he would withdraw all American troops from Syria.

The Pentagon, National Security Council and the special U.S. representatives for Syria on the other hand spent their efforts in concocting ways the U.S. could remain there, rather than withdraw.

To summarize, they ignored Trump and kept on pursuing their own Syria policies.

Maybe Trump wasn’t so sincere in his pledge to withdraw from the country after all.

Is there any other explanation for him surrendering to the Syria policy of the U.S. deep state which he has always blamed?

It seems that the subject of the U.S.’s complete pullout from Syria has been shelved for now.

In the case that the U.S. does withdraw, because it will be more arduous to deploy troops to Syria all over again from scratch, they find it more advantageous just to decrease the number of soldiers currently stationed there.

But it will always be possible to just increase the number of soldiers already there. They’re keeping the actors who will give them an excuse to redeploy troops close at hand anyway.

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The confounding step Trump has taken in Syria
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