The US’s endless wars and Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to swiftly withdraw American soldiers from Syria, but he couldn’t do it. Consequently, it was decided that around 400 soldiers are going to stay. According to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, as soon as the U.S. troops left, Iran would fill the vacuum. Graham stated that, with the decision to leave 400 soldiers behind, Trump found “the right way.” Of course, with the right way, Graham means protecting the interests of Israel. Trump, on the other hand, followed the “perpetual wars” policy that he was strongly criticized.

The “neocons” within the Trump administration have found themselves another country, Venezuela, since they can’t live without war. For the “Venezuelan coup,” Senator Marco Rubio is carrying the flag in Congress. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appointed the famous neocon from the George W. Bush administration, Elliott Abrams, as the “Special Representative for Venezuela”. They are all striving to topple Nicolas Maduro. National Security advisor John Bolton threatened that a cell is waiting for Maduro in the U.S. base in Guantanamo if he doesn’t surrender. Senator Rubio, on the other hand, has taken this threat to another level by tweeting a photo of Gaddafi lying in a pool of blood. Pompeo in his statement declared that Maduro’s days are numbered. While Bolton canceled his visit to South Korea for “Venezuela”, Elliott Abrams is wandering across the Venezuelan border.

One of the Saudi Arabia’s princes, Bandar bin Sultan, who has not been around for a long time, told “Independent Arabia” in an interview that “Doha is greatly deceived that the US air base is there to protect Qatar.” The prince stated that the biggest airbase in the Middle East was in Libya at one point, but it couldn’t protect King Idris from the military coup of 1969. The Americans just stood by and watched the overthrow of Idris, arguing that it was Libya’s internal affairs. Bandar’s daughter Princess Rima, on the other hand, was appointed as Washington’s Ambassador after Halid bin Salman left this post. Prince Bandar, who is also known as “Bandar Bush” because of his close relations with the “Bush Family”, also served as Washington’s ambassador for 22 years. The appointment of Princess Rima also indicates that the internal fight within the Saudi dynasty has settled down.

Furthermore, according to the information leaked to the Israeli media, King Salman took the “Palestine-Israel” case from the hands of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. King Salman told Pompeo in their meeting, which took place in January, that he doesn’t approve of Trump’s “Middle East Peace Plan.” King Salman added that the normalization of Saudi-Israel relations is possible only after the establishment of the Palestinian state. It was presumed that Crown Prince Salman was going to pressure the Palestinians to accept the so-called peace plan he was working on with Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner.

In addition, the Democrats within the U.S. Congress are opening an investigation against the Trump administration’s attempt to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. This initiative had been carried out by Trump’s first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn under the leadership of businessman Tom Barrack. The first reaction against this initiative, in which the names of Prince Salman and his confidant Jared Kushner are mentioned, came from Israel. Netanyahu demanded Trump not to give the Saudis access to nuclear weapons. Netanyahu also demanded the U.S to make sure that if the sale cannot be canceled, that the Saudis are not going to be able to enrich uranium and asked the U.S. to inform Israel about the region in which the reactor is going to be built.

Israel, which possesses nuclear weapons, doesn’t want any other nuclear power in the region. Even though it is “anti-Iran”, they are disturbed by the Saudis’ possible access to nuclear weapons. Because Israel wants the states in the region to keep their military capacities on the levels it can easily deal with. The division of Iraq by the U.S. also elated Israel. Israel is using the U.S.’s military, political and economic power to weaken the states in the region. Even though Trump says that the U.S. shouldn’t fight the wars of others, he cannot really go out of that circle.

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The US’s endless wars and Trump
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