There's nothing new on the Biden front...

Due to pressure from many Democrats in both chambers of the American Congress, President Joe Biden was compelled to issue a memorandum (National Security Memorandum) on February 8th. The memorandum, which sets the standards that countries receiving American weapons must adhere to, required Congress to submit an annual report on whether these standards were being met. It included requirements for the country receiving U.S. weapons to demonstrate adherence to international law and not interfere with or obstruct the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The memorandum demanded "written assurances" from the recipient country, Israel, that it would act in accordance with the standards within 45 days. It was stated that if this assurance was not provided, the transfer of defense materials would be halted, and further sanctions could be imposed.

Israel provided written assurance to the U.S. Department of State in mid-March that it did not violate the provisions of the memorandum. Of course, Israel's assurance was only on paper.

Since Israel provided assurance, nothing has changed in Gaza. During this time, Israel killed hundreds of aid workers and thousands of innocent people. However, despite evidence to the contrary on April 1st, the U.S. State Department acknowledged that Israel had complied with the provisions of the memorandum. On the same day, Israel targeted and killed seven volunteers of the Washington-based civil organization "World Central Kitchen" (WCK) by hitting three vehicles in Gaza with missiles. While Netanyahu defended the deliberate targeting of WCK vehicles, the Biden Administration chose to bury its head in the sand.

17 Democratic senators had warned the Department of State that Israel's assurances to comply with the "February memorandum" were neither convincing nor reliable. Senator Bernie Sanders stated, "The position of the State Department is to mock U.S. law... It is nonsense to claim that Israel did not violate international law or interfere with U.S. humanitarian aid." Speaking after the WCK attack, Senator Chris Van Hollen called for Biden to adopt a policy that would deter Israel. Hollen, who stated that Israel should no longer be sent weapons, said, "We are faced with a situation where the President has been making demands of the Netanyahu government for months, they have ignored those demands, and we are still sending them over 2,000-pound bombs."

It was recently revealed that the Biden Administration approved the sale of 25 F-35s and aircraft engines to Israel, as well as the shipment of 1800 MK84 unguided bombs and 500 MK82 unguided bombs, without even notifying Congress. Senator Van Hollen drew attention to this transfer. On the other hand, 37 Democratic members of Congress signed a letter demanding that the Biden Administration stop the transfer of weapons to Israel. The letter stated, "We believe that approving these arms transfers is unfair in light of the recent attack on aid workers and the deteriorating humanitarian crisis."

Among those who signed the letter was former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, who has been a leader of House Democrats for many years, is known for her role in bipartisan cooperation in supporting Israel without reservation. Pelosi, one of Israel's oldest friends in Washington, signing a letter calling for the cessation of arms transfers to Israel was noteworthy. Pelosi, who has been a Representative since 1987, is also one of Biden's closest allies.

Despite the reactions shown by the most senior Democratic Representatives and Senators, the Biden Administration's insistence on continuing arms transfers to Israel is quite significant. John Kirby, one of the White House spokespersons, stated in a television program that they were investigating the Israeli attack on WCK, but had not reached any conclusions. Kirby made it clear that the flow of weapons to Israel would continue. Kirby stated that Israel only needed to make changes in its operational methods, but could not say what action the Biden Administration would take if these changes did not occur.

Given the recent developments, it can be said that Netanyahu, who is cornered domestically, wants to expand the war and drag Biden into it. Biden, preparing for the November elections, is playing for time with vague words that have no equivalent for Netanyahu.

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There's nothing new on the Biden front...
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