What is the purpose of Trump's Israel move?

In the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), a resolution was passed urging an urgent ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan. While 14 members of the Security Council voted "yes" to the resolution, the US remained "abstained." The US decision not to veto a resolution containing a ceasefire further escalated tensions between Netanyahu and Biden. In response, Netanyahu canceled the planned travel of an Israeli delegation to Washington.

It was evident that the Biden Administration's decision not to veto the UN Security Council's resolution was due to the backlash from the most dynamic young base of his party. Biden's unwavering support for Israel has been protested in the US for some time. In fact, a speech by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, known as a staunch supporter of Israel, insisting that Netanyahu should step down, created a wide echo in both the US and Israel.

Democrats in Congress were also divided on the issue of abstaining from the vote. Ultimately, the Biden Administration's statement that the ceasefire decision was not binding raised questions. While Biden tried to appease Democrats calling for Israel to be restrained, he continued to provide assurances to Israel. Therefore, it was not surprising when White House spokesman John Kirby emphasized that the US abstaining from the vote did not represent a change in its Israel policy. Kirby also noted his surprise at Netanyahu's reaction to the US abstention, stating that the UN Security Council resolution was not binding.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant was in Washington to procure new weapons. US House Speaker Mike Johnson had also mentioned that $14.3 billion in additional aid to Israel would be reconsidered in April. Therefore, Netanyahu, thinking that further quarreling with the Biden Administration would not be beneficial, reversed his decision regarding the Israeli delegation's trip to Washington. According to a report in The Washington Post, the Biden Administration approved the shipment of thousands more unguided bombs to Israel. It was understood that Galant easily procured the bombs needed for use in Gaza.

The Biden Administration's failure to notify the US Congress of the new bomb shipment and other weapons led to criticism. Despite the ongoing genocide and humanitarian disaster in Gaza, the US insistence on not conditioning its arms support to Israel deepens the dissatisfaction among the Democratic Party's young base.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu received a blow from Trump. In an interview conducted by the "Israel Hayom" newspaper in Israel, Trump warned that Israel's international support was beginning to weaken due to the destruction in Gaza. Trump, advocating for an end to the war in Gaza, harshly criticized Biden and Schumer.

During his presidency, Trump fulfilled every request of Netanyahu, including moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, withdrawing from the "Iran Nuclear Deal," and officially recognizing the annexation of the Golan Heights. Netanyahu was among the first to congratulate Joe Biden, who was elected US President in November 2020. Trump, who claimed that the elections were stolen from him, was very angry with Netanyahu for congratulating Biden. There were even reports in the media that Trump cursed at Netanyahu.

Trump was cunningly taking revenge on Netanyahu in this way. On the other hand, Trump was trying to turn the dissatisfaction with Israel's unconditional support among the Democratic Party's young base in his favor. Not going to the polls, even if the dissatisfied voters did not vote for Trump, staying at home would benefit the Republicans. When added to this picture are dissatisfied Arab voters and other young Democrats, the political cost of unwavering support for Israel to Biden could be heavier than expected.

According to polls, there is an increase in support for Trump among "African American" and "Hispanic" voters. Even slight shifts towards Trump from these segments, which mostly vote for Democrats, can play a significant role in the outcome of the elections. When dissatisfied Arab voters and other young Democrats are added to this picture, the political cost of unwavering support for Israel to Biden could be heavier than expected.

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What is the purpose of Trump's Israel move?
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