Will US Republicans ditch Trump after latest scandal?

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Abdullah Muradoğlu

Abdullah Muradoğlu graduated from Marmara University’s public administration and political science program in Istanbul. He has been active in the press and media for more than 15 years. Since 1997, he has written myriad exclusive reports, research articles, interviews, history pages, and columns for Yeni Şafak. He was deemed worthy of an award by the Journalists Association of Turkey in the 2004 Turkey Journalism Achievement Awards. He has published four biographical books and held various positions in non-governmental organizations.

Abdullah Muradoğlu

"Nationalists", "Globalists", "Financial Conservatives", "Christian Zionist Evangelicals", and even some "Neocons" such as John Bolton have found a place for themselves in the administration of Donald Trump, who was elected U.S. President in 2016. These factions tried to impose their political agenda on Trump.

Trying to please the factions, Trump did not fulfill the promises he made to his own voters. Trump has described the entrenched rule of the bipartisan elite as the "Washington swamp" and the "Deep State". He promised to drain this swamp if elected president. However, the “Washington Swamp” had sucked in Donald Trump.

During the Trump era, many names from the highest positions either resigned or were dismissed by Trump. Compared to previous periods, these departures reached record numbers. The news that Trump was planning to change the federal bureaucracy from top to bottom when he won the second term of Presidency was reflected in the media. Accordingly, Trump planned to equip the U.S. administration with names loyal to the "Make America Great Again (MAGA)" or "America First" program.

Trump, who lost the Presidential elections in 2020, did not accept the results. Meanwhile, he declared war on the Republicans who did not agree with him. For the 2022 elections, Trump ensured that many candidates who did not consider the 2020 elections as legitimate, won the primary elections. However, most of Trump's favorite candidates lost in the November 8 election. Still, Trump acted very quickly and announced that he was running for the U.S. Presidency for the third time in the 2024 elections.

The "Trumpist coalition" that has supported Trump in every election since 2016 has begun to collapse on itself. As I mentioned in a previous column, some of the Christian Zionist leaders have parted ways with Trump or declared that they would remain neutral in the primary elections. Many billionaire donors who supported Trump now have their eye on Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

Despite being the favorite candidate of Republican voters, Trump, who has been subject to judicial investigation on many topics, is not in his former power. Even Nigel Farage, one of Trump's biggest supporters abroad and the radical Right-wing politician who played a leading role in Britain's exit from the European Union, emphasized that a huge conflict was brewing between Trump and DeSantis.

Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Fox News programmer Tucker Carlson were described as the tripartite leader of the "Make America Great Again (MAGA)" and "America First" movement. It is noteworthy that Carlson, who represents the tendencies of the Republican Party's far-right voters, did not make any statements about Trump's presidential candidacy. Meanwhile, many Republican politicians who had previously declared that they would not be a candidate if Trump was nominated, began to voice that their stance had changed.

One of the main agendas of the media in the U.S. at the moment was Trump's meeting with the famous rap singers Kanye West and Nick Fuentes for a dinner at the Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. The leak of the meeting, which took place on November 22, to the media left Trump in a difficult position. A fierce campaign was launched against West for making anti-Semitic statements. Known for his White Supremacist tendencies, Fuentes is labeled as "anti-Semitic". Trump defends himself by saying that he does not know Fuentes, is not aware of his views and did not know that he will attend the dinner.

The leading figures of the Republican Party, especially Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, criticized Trump harshly. He even argued that it was not possible for a politician sitting with names such as McConnell, West, and Fuentes to be elected President. Trump called McConnell "a loser who cannot be re-elected without my approval."

Mike Pence, who is said to be a presidential candidate in 2024, wanted Trump to apologize to the Jews. Stating that Trump is not anti-Semitic, Pence said, "People forget that the president's daughter is Jewish, his son-in-law is a religious Jew, his grandchildren are Jewish." Kevin McCarthy, who is angling to be the head of the House of Representatives, was content with a statement that supported Trump and condemned West and Fuentes.

There's still time for Presidential elections, but the infighting inside the Republican Party is showing no signs of stopping. The Republican Party is at a crossroads and Trump is the major fork in the road.

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