As Uncle Sam exits the stage, will Uncle Joe make his debut? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

As Uncle Sam exits the stage, will Uncle Joe make his debut?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S. like lightning Trump wasn’t doing so bad. It seemed probable that he would be re-elected. However, the trump administration dropped the ball in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Fifty million people lost their jobs, and 177,000 lost their lives. It was revealed that everyday Americans’ access to the healthcare and treatment lagged far behind some of the world’s poorest countries. The fact that Blacks and Hispanic migrants have been hardest-hit by the disease is the result of the social and economic impacts of racist segregation in the U.S. Meanwhile, police violence toward Blacks has also added fuel to the fire against the Trump administration.

In all actuality, Trump had been elected president despite the Republican Party. He had pledged that he would bring back business that had sought refuge overseas. Both the Democrats and the Republicans had played a role in business fleeing overseas. As investment went foreign, the U.S. faced pressure of an intense migrant wave, primarily from Latin America. According to the pro-Trumps, migrants not only stole the jobs of White Americans, but also tarnished American culture and identity. Trump had also pledged to build a wall on the Mexican border and stop migration. These pledges were music to the ears of the Republicans who were dreaming of a “White America.”

Another thing Trump promised to do was withdraw the U.S. from the “endless wars” in the Middle East. The Democrats and Republicans were responsible for these endless wars. Trump had branded these elite bipartisan policies as a “Washington Swamp” that weakened America. Trump had argued that the U.S.’s multinational, military, economic and commercial agreements hurt America itself. According to Trump, these agreements only benefited other stakeholders. This rhetoric brought Trump, the wealthy real estate mogul who had no background in the Republican Party, to the stage.

Trump is set to complete his first four-year term in a few months. He failed to bring U.S. troops home. The American military-Industrial Complex, which benefits from these “endless wars,” for its own part is extremely pleased with Trump. When compared to previous administrations, Trump has spent a pretty penny for defense and his so-called tax reforms benefited not ordinary Americans but company giants and large fortune holders. Not only did Trump also fail to bring back business to America, but his trade wars harmed his rivals, primarily China, and also hit ordinary American consumers and farmers hard.

To summarize, the policies of the Washington Swamp that Trump launched a war against are still as strong as ever. Trump’s only playing card for the November elections set to take place in 10 weeks is the “ culture wars” that appeal to White Americans. The “China fear” only adds insult to injury.

The Democrats on the other hand have branded Joe Biden, an ancient supporter of the endless wars, as adorable “Uncle Joe.” It seems this one will stick when compared to Trump. While the progressive and left wingers, which are the new energy sources of the Democrat Party, aren’t exactly welcoming Biden with open arms, they’re playing the game just so Trump loses. Biden is not exactly opposing the Republicans’ White, so-called moderate mainstream actors.

Many Republicans who can’t seem to stomach Trump have been articulating their support for Biden. Over 70 top officials, who served in the fields of national security, foreign policies and defense during Republican administrations, declared they would vote for Biden in a published letter. These include former Defense Secretary and former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, former CIA Director Michael Hayden, CIA and FBI former director William Webster, and former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte. Former Chief of Staff and former Secretary of State Colin Powell also voiced his support for Biden and also gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention to this end.

Among those giving speeches in support of Biden at the National convention were also former 2020 Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh and Ohio’s former governor John Kasich, who was also a presidential candidate in 2016. Biden is also garnering the support of Republicans through other channels. It remains unclear to what extent Biden, who is gaining prestige with this support, will impress Republican voters.


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