Biden picking Harris as running mate means continued US support for Israeli annexation - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Biden picking Harris as running mate means continued US support for Israeli annexation

U.S. presidential elections is less than three months away. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his pick for Vice President on the ticket.

Harris, whose mother is of Indian descent and his father is a Black Jamaican, self-identifies as a African American. It was expected that Biden would pick Harris as his running mate because it would be instrumental in encouraging both Black and Asian Americans to vote.

The globalist Biden represents the Democratic Party's mainstream, the centrist "White American" wing. The party’s younger generation, especially the Left wing, wanted to see Senator Bernie Sanders become the presidential candidate.

In the primary, Biden defeated Sanders and clenched the Presidential nomination. Harris had entered the race for the Presidency, but later dropped out and endorsed Biden.

Biden, who has been a Senator since 1973, served as VP for eight years under Obama. Biden entered the ring and ran for president himself in 2008, but lost in the primaries. Obama nominated Biden for Vice President. Biden has now followed in the same path by picking Harris.

The left wing of the Democratic Party would have prefered Karen Bass, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to be on the ticket. Taking this into account, Harris is far behind Sanders, but way ahead of Biden in terms of party line. Biden picking Harris as his running mate indicates that a radical intra-party schism is not welcome. Yet Harris’s nomination is considered a Left wing victory. Because Biden could have picked a more centrist name. It is also said that Biden and Harris can show the needed flexibility to keep up with the left wind sweeping the party’s grassroots base.

Harris served as Attorney General in California, the hotbed of American technology, and was elected senator for that state. Her relationship with the Silicon Valley elite is also very warm. This factor was also instrumental in Biden picking Harris as his running mate. Indeed, Harris raised considerable amounts of donations for Biden.

What Biden and Harris have in common is that they are both completely pro-Israel. Despite his Jewish ancestry, Sanders is far more critical of Israel. The majority of U.S. Jews vote for Democrats. Pro-Netanyahu Jews support Trump. Angry Trumpists are calling on Jews to vote for Trump on the grounds that he is "the most pro-Israel U.S. President."

"A state policy that is pro-Israel" is the only thing that unites the two parties in America. The Democratic Left wing argues that support for Israel must be conditional. Mainstream Democrats and Republicans, on the other hand, are in favor of continued support regardless of what Israel does. Both Biden and Harris strongly oppose the conditioning of aid to Israel.

Netanyahu's annexation policies that shelved the two-state solution are not completely accepted by both parties. In practice, this does not help the Palestinians. Both parties are unwilling to sign on the decisions that would block these annexation policies. Due to the hypocritical policy that is above criticism, Israel's hand is freed against the Palestinians.

Due to Netanyahu's personal relationship with Trump, which turned into a union of fate and his populist initiatives, many prominent figures from the Democratic Party skipped the meeting of the "American-Israel Public Relations Committee (AIPAC) last year. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris were among these figures.

However, Harris met with the AIPAC and posed for photos afterwards. Her meeting with the AIPAC elicited a strong reaction from the Left wing of the party. We should recall here that the Liberal Jewish group "J Street," which supports the Left wing of the Democratic Party, did not approve of Harris' candidacy for President.

However, let's keep in mind that Biden supported the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. While George W. Bush declared war on these two countries, Democrats were in the majority in the Senate. Biden was the Chairman of the "Foreign Relations Committee" and he played an instrumental role in making the American people fall for the "Neocon-Israeli fallacy" that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Sanders, who voted against the war, reminded his opponent, Biden, of his role in the wars during race for the nomination.

Biden particularly emphasizes that, if elected President, he will not reverse Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and would continue to maintain bipartisan unconditional support for Israel. Harris does not think differently from Biden on this issue.


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