Covid-19 takes a swipe at Trump! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Covid-19 takes a swipe at Trump!

"Finally" U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have also fallen prey to Covid-19. Actually, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Trump downplayed the coronavirus right from the start. Disregarding science and expert opinions, Trump refused to wear a mask in public.

Trump, who participated in fundraising events without a mask, mocked his Democratic rival Joe Biden for wearing one. "Covid-19 will disappear after a while, it's just like the flu," he had said. Moreover, Trump has even clearly made it seem like the flu is more dangerous than Covid-19.

The price for Trump's contempt againt Covid-19 has cost Americans dearly. The U.S. is the country with the highest Covid-19 death toll. In an interview with CNN, Anthony Fauci, the Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who is on the White House Task Force on Combating Covid-19, said he had warned the Trump administration to take more drastic measures. Fauci stated that more people would have survived had social distance been introduced earlier on. However, the warnings of Fauci and other experts were not taken seriously.

Trump accused Democrats of politicizing Covid-19 and said, "Let's reopen schools and businesses." He threatened state administrations that said they’re reopening too soon. Trump supporters also protested the lockdown measures in states run by Democrats. Emphasizing that increasing the number of tests leads to an increase in cases, Trump also claimed that tests show America in a bad light.

As is the case in several detective movies, narcissistic and psychopathic serial killers who leave their M.O. on the serial murders they commit want these characteristics to be noticed. Narcissistic killers are willing to sacrifice so many people to show just how smart they are. Such killers hate being treated by detectives as “everyday murderers.” They strike so close to the detectives who look down on them and fail to give them the attention they deserve. This is exactly what happened to Trump and his wife Melania.

The American media had reported that the White House is a fertile ground for Covid-19. Accordingly, wearing a mask was not deemed mandatory around the White House; it was optional. Just before Trump contracted the virus, his Chief Advisor, Hope Hicks, tested positive. Hicks was among those who had been in close contact with Trump. It goes without saying just how dangerous it is to public health that Trump's Election Campaign Advisor Bill Stepien also tested positive.

Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by Trump as Supreme Court Judge, contracted Covid-19 earlier this year. Recently, Barret attended ceremonies at the White House without covering her face. A significant portion of those attending the ceremony, especially the Trump family, were without masks. Last July, Trump's National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien had also tested positive. O'Brien was the most senior official in the Trump administration infected with the virus.

According to another report, at least 11 members of the Secret Service, tasked with protecting U.S. Presidents, have also contracted the virus. The fact that Covid-19 wandered freely in the White House, which is considered to be the brain of the American administration, is food for thought. Thus eventually Trump also tested positive for the virus.

Trump, who was obliged to keep Americans safe as president, could not even protect himself from the coronavirus. As for the U.S., which has suffered heavy losses in the fight against Covid-19, its reputation has taken a heavy hit.

Trump contracting the virus also impacts the election campaign. Trump, who is known to be very fond of face-to-face campaigning, will carry out these activities from home for a while. The big concern is that several people who were in close contact with Trump, despite not being symptomatic, will infect others. All of this is a result of failing to take Covid-19 seriously.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had also tested positive. Johnson is nicknamed "Britain's Trump", while Bolsonaro is called "Tropical Trump." These leaders also underplayed Covid-19.

Brazil, which ranks second after the U.S. on the list of highest Covid-19 death tolls, is considered to be the "epicenter of the pandemic" in Latin America.“I regret the deaths. But people die every day, from lots of things. That’s life,” Bolsonaro had said in a speech after recovering from the virus. Britain, meanwhile, still has the highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe.


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