PEGIDA, Israel and Europe’s Muslims - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

PEGIDA, Israel and Europe’s Muslims

The Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization movement, or PEGIDA’s, campaigns against Islam in Germany is involving all of Europe. With Germany and France in the forefront, racist expressions towards Muslim immigrants in Europe are accelerating. As the Muslim population in Europe increases, it mobilizes racist circles. The aging of the European population is unable to be stopped. Thus, while it’s possible to turn the growth of the Muslim population into an advantage, Europe’s new racists and fascists are rather turning this humanitarian development in to an unbelievable “fear of Islam”.

The Muslim immigrants, who are living in Western Europe, had become residents. The better-educated young generations of the immigrants had started to become effective in domestic politics. This development is making itself felt in the business, educational and cultural fields. However, the Muslim population’s acceleration in Europe in a qualified way is making Israel worried. Especially in Germany, Turkish immigrants are occupying a large place in the Muslim population in Europe. Consequently, the racist and discriminatory expressions against Islam are concerning Turkey closely.

Efraim Halevy, who was the President of “MOSSAD” between years 1998 and 2002, mentions his worry related with the increase of the Muslim population in Europe in his memoirs, published in his book entitled “Man in the Shadows”. Let’s see what Halevy, who alleges some terrorist attacks in Spain and UK are used as excuses, says in his memoirs:

“The EU population preferred to disregard the most critical aspects of the great danger formed by the Muslim communities that are increasing rapidly each year.    Denial and psychological pressure was reigning. The Madrid attack can still be identified as an act that had been organized externally; however, the suicide attacks in London on July 7 had been organized domestically. And suddenly, the nation came face to face with a caustic dilemma about how to act towards their citizens that form a wide minority society, which brings forth suicide bombers that are mobilized by basing on a religion that is the essential common ground of the Muslim minority.”

Halevy, who remarks that the birth rates between the Muslims that live in Central and Western Europe is high, is making a warning that in the near future the Muslim population can reach 10 percent. According to Halevy, the rapid increase in the Muslim population is a matter that should be handled with care. In other words, Halevy suggests that Europeans will “problematize” the Muslim immigrants.  Halevy is also of the opinion that Turkey’s possible EU membership constitutes a crucial problem that harbors a half- invisible factor within. Halevy, who uses a language that provokes the concerns of the Europeans, is stating the following:

“Will Turkey’s EU membership increase the control over the terror that grows and feeds from the East, or provide opportunities like the Trojan horse method that might increase the threat faced by the free world on a vast scale? These are extremely crucial questions and they don’t have simple and clear answers.”

Halevy thinks that the Western communities are not finding it right to discuss these questions. According to Halevy, such an approach is a factor that weakens the national determination of many states and communities.  If we look at the expressions of PEGIDA and the likes towards the Muslim immigrants, it seems that the ex-President of MOSSAD, Halevy, had found quite a lot of supporters for his case. Then, is it possible that the “supporters” are not “cooperating” together?


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