War criminal Bolton wants to ‘bring democracy’ to Turkey!

John Bolton, who is known for his disdain against democracy, is among the “intellectuals” of the so-called “Turkish Democracy Project” venture established in Washington. The mere presence of Bolton on any panel is sufficient evidence that the project has malicious intentions. 

Bolton has no interest in bringing “democracy” to any country. We’re talking about a man Trump sacked from his role as National Security Advisor, saying: "If I had listened to him, we would be in World War 6 by now."

The Neocons who pushed the U.S. to invade Iraq were hiding behind false pretenses such as bringing democracy to the country. Yet, the difference between Bolton and Neocons was that he had a militarist, Pentagonist personality that saw no need for such justifications. Bolton is also among the closest friends of the pro-annexation wing of the Israel Lobby in Washington.

Reuel Marc Gerecht of the staunch pro-Israel  "Foundation for the Protection of Democracies," which is fronted by Neocons, has an anecdote about how Bolton has zero interest in democracy. The story goes as follows: Gerecht travels to France with Bolton as the Iraq war was raging, and a French journalist asks Bolton, "Can Iraq have a functioning democracy under U.S. guidance?" “Ask them, not me,” Bolton told the reporter, pointing to Marc.

Bolton, who was in cahoots with the Neocons during the George W. Bush era, was one of the biggest proponents of the lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. 

The lies were later revealed, but he didn't care. For someone like Bolton, who advocates for toppling anti-American regimes by all means, including military interventions, it matters very little what kind of regime will be established in their stead. 

Another author pointed that even if millions of civilians were killed during the U.S. intervention in North Korea, Bolton would have happily dismissed these losses as necessary collateral damage.

The title of Seth Harp's September 11, 2019 article penned for the Rolling Stone magazine was "Stop Calling John Bolton a 'Hawk'. A hawk is a noble, useful bird. Bolton is a war criminal.” In the same article, Harp also stated that Bolton would be better described as a black-pilled, death-worshiping ghoul drenched in the blood of Muslim children. Harp went on to add: “Imagine if another country had a guy like Bolton, whose whole schtick was going around the world threatening heads of state with ouster or death. The press wouldn’t call him a hawk, they’d call him a madman and an international criminal.” In short, Bolton is notorious in the U.S. as someone who doesn’t give two hoots about promoting democracy and freedoms abroad.

The invasion of Iraq and its subsequent carving into several parts was a result that had long been desired by Israel which also wishes to see Iran lose its splendor and territorial integrity in much of the same way. 

Israel pursues a strategy in favor of downsizing all states that are "military counter-weights" in the region. Tel Aviv accomplishes this strategic feat by penetrating U.S. foreign policy through Neocons, other foreign policy teams and influential Christian-Zionist White Evangelicals.

Furthermore, Bolton is someone who makes it his life’s mission to align Israel's interests with U.S. foreign policy. 

Almost all of the think tanks of the so-called “Turkish Democracy Project” are also members of the Unite Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) initiative, which is funded by billionaire businessmen belonging to the Israel Lobby. 

This attempt to kill the "Iran Nuclear Agreement" signed during Obama’s term came to fruition during the Trump era.

Trump made Bolton his National Security Advisor in April 2018 and his first job was to woo Trump into withdrawing the U.S. from the Nuclear Deal. Lo and behold, a month or so after Bolton became National Security Advisor, Trump pulled the United States out of this agreement.

Have you ever heard of Bolton's name concerning Egyptian, Saudi or UAE democracy projects or any venture targeting at any country that has signed so-called “normalization” agreements with Israel for that matter? Can you imagine Bolton being part of a democracy project for the racist apartheid Israeli regime? You can let your imagination run wild, of course, but such a thought would only be cause for laughter.

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War criminal Bolton wants to ‘bring democracy’ to Turkey!
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