Who is behind “Pegida”? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Who is behind “Pegida”?

Since October, a movement against Islam has been occupying the agenda of Germany. They’ve chosen “PEGIDA” as their name. The acronym unfolds as; “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident”. PEGIDA, who took the stage in Dresden for the first time, is conducting campaigns against Islam with their equivalents in various cities. With each passing day, their numbers are increasing; however, on the other hand they are also forming their counterpart. PEGIDA’s founder is an ex-convict German. This generates  a suspicion that there might be some power elites behind PEGIDA. While PEGIDA was stirring the streets in Germany, two mosques in Sweden have been attacked with a two-day interval.

As for the power elites, who are behind the murders and arsons by the Neo-Nazi groups in Germany, their identities are yet to be revealed. It’s obvious that all these developments are aimed to create hostility between the Western and Muslim communities.

Racist statements directed at the Muslim immigrants are also at the top of the agenda in France. The TV Show of Eric Zemmour, the author of the best-seller “The Suicide of France”, has been cancelled. According to Zemmour, it’s necessary to tell the Muslim immigrants to “leave France”. It’s understandable from the title of his book, that in order for France to avoid suicide, it’s necessary for them to get rid of the Muslims. A couple of years ago, Thilo Sarrazin, who is one of the managers of the “Central Bank” and “Social Democrat Party”, had penned a book entitled “Germany is Self-Destructing”. Sarrazin, who was also criticized for his racist opinions towards Muslim immigrants, had resigned from his bank.

Zemmour is the equivalent of Sarrazin in France. The titles of both books are almost the same. The extremely conservative “National Front Party”, which is being led by Marine Le Pen, has risen to be one of Zemmour’s top supporters. However, Zemmour is also an Algerian immigrant and a member of a Jewish immigrant family. Armenians and some activists, writers and programmers, who are members of other immigrant groups, are walking on the same path as Zemmour. In other words, the problem is not all the immigrants, but rather, only the “Muslim” immigrants. Zemmour and his partners had lit up the fuse of a dangerous campaign in France. A campaign, which is edited on the scale of Europe, is in question. As for the objective of PEGIDA and the likes, it’s to purify Europe from the Muslims. As for the big part of the Muslim immigrants, they are citizens of those countries, similar to Zemmour or Natacha Polony, the writer of Polish descent in “Figaro” newspaper and the author of the “Ce pays qu'on abat​", (the Countries we have toppled).

With a journalist’s reflex, I had taken a squint to see what had happened in Europe in October. In October, in the parliaments of some “European Union” countries, some drafts related with the recognition of Palestine as a state had been approved. The voting in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, France and Spain were on the side of Palestine. In Europe, a tendency towards recognizing Palestine as a state had gained power.

The leader of the “Social Democrat Party”, which had triumphed in the September 14 elections in Sweden, Stefan Löfven, had declared that they would recognize Palestine as a state. Löfven kept his word. However, Israel had accused Sweden of giving a rushed decision without understanding the problem first. Because of the “Jewish Genocide” in their past, the strong member of the EU, Germany, is following a policy “on the knife-edge” towards Israel. Thus, they don’t want to become prominent. Germany’s attitude is important for the EU. Could it be that PEGIDA’s activities in October are related with these developments? There are also other suspicions and the matter is of grave importance for Turkey. Let us explain that in my next article.


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