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No panic...

The night of July 15 was a disgrace for Turkish democracy; hundreds of our citizens were murdered by terrorists who were members of a group of the illegal gang Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and it went noted down in our history as one of the darkest nights in which our Parliament, that was not damaged by a single bullet even in the war of independence, was bombed by the planes and helicopters of the nation.


Nowhere in the world has such a widely organized uprising to invade the country administration by staging a military coup ever seen before, infiltrating all the institutions of the state, step by step.

For us in the multi-national and contented coup attempt that was the most important factor that could not be considered was the Turkish people's standing against the armed gangs, sacrificing themselves upon the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

This nation, which suffered from coups in history, showed an attitude deserving appreciation of their ancestors in Çanakkale more glorious than the lions of Badr.

Women and men, old and young, people from each faction protected democracy.

Political parties and their representatives, by displaying an exemplary image of Turkish politics, which was long missed, made the coup perpetrators unable to satisfy their desire.


One of the topics that is most wondered after the coup attempt was its effect on the economy.

On Monday, when the banks and exchange market opened, people and companies could have withdrawn Turkish Liras from banks with the chaos in confidence and rush to buy foreign currency.

They could have sold their stock shares in the exchange market and rush to buy foreign currency. The stock market could have collapsed, giving rise to the dollar. Thank God it did not happen; the people did not run to the chaos, but to democracy.

On Monday, when the banks and the stock market opened, people and companies continued their operations without panic with the measures taken by the Central Bank and banks.

Monday was avoided safe and sound with minor loses in the stock market.

Meanwhile, the fluctuation in the exchange rate for a short time should be seen as normal.


Perhaps the coup has been avoided, but it is essential to be cautioned. It is also time to get rid of the economic gunmen (economic agents) on duty and waiting to take charge.

The aim of those gunmen is to create a vulnerability perception in stock markets and to announce that a crisis is coming.

The risk warning made by Moody's, one of the credit rating agencies, then S&P's hasty downgrading with the idea to damage the economy as a gunman, even slightly fluctuated the markets. We should not forget and be awake that the gunmen (inside and abroad) are working to manipulate economy and cause chaos so they can immediately intervene.

Stocking, rushing the exchange, escaping from the stock market, decreasing production, carrying an attitude to minimize the economic movements are among the biggest evils against this country.


Today, when purging the political agents (cooperators, coup perpetrating Gülenists), the state of emergency needs to be considered as an opportunity to clean out state cadres.

The state of emergency needs to be used not to shrink the economy, but as an opportunity to enlarge-expand all economic institutions and cadres through this cleansing process.

The president already stated in person that the state of emergency contains no measures restricting economic activities.


Even though this process has been causing some negativity in the short term in the markets, in the long term its pros (the strengthening of democracy and forming a stabilized economic structure) will be more than its cons.

Thinking that all the negativity has set the costs, the actors in the markets should proceed without forgetting the principle "those who process with panic will always lose."

As a nation we have been waiting from the government to take all the risks fundamentally to raze this gang of treachery in the coup attempt which was staged against democracy, national will power and the future of the country.


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