Neo-liberalism's alliance with neo-nationalism

AKIF EMRE,  Saturday 09:52, 19 November 2016
Before the possible new formation of U.S. politics due to the presidential elections could even be discussed, it seems that anxiousness has surrounded Europe. Apparently, there is concern that the election results in the U.S. will encourage nationalist-right politics in Europe.

If we overlook Europe's fault that led to the nationalism in the subconscious to surface in the form of ideological nationalism, we need to make sure we find this cause-effect relationship correctly. Yet, it is no secret that recently in many West European countries Islamophobic and racist tendencies and far-right parties have gained a serious position.

The truth that the political building blocks based on the two-party balance that have shaken the central systemic structure from Germany to France are being taken out of place one-by-one is not new either.

Of course, the racist discourse that has helped Donald Trump be elected president will have an unavoidable political and cultural affect in Europe, which is under U.S. influence in every sense. It will possibly have an encouraging effect on existing nationalist right tendencies. Based on the historical experience on the political results of the popular impact of U.S. culture and U.S. admiration throughout Europe, it is impossible not to be concerned.

Correct interpretation of the new wave that has surfaced may help foresee the changes that may take place in the global system. Two factors being determinative in the new wave that appeared in the U.S. and Europe are already on the agenda of social scientists: Neo-nationalism and neo-liberalism. We can say that neo-liberalism will transform specifically to new conditions and get support from neo-nationalism and get into an ideological marriage.

It might be difficult for some romantic liberals to grasp how nationalism and neo-liberal policies can get arm-in-arm and shape the economy and political balances. Hence, this alliance may seem incomprehensible for those who are unable to timely decode or ignore the authoritarian character in the nature of neo-liberal policies. Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu says that neo-liberalism is fundamentally formed by a Darwinist world. In other words, he says it formed a secret authoritarian structure in which everybody is struggling against one another at every level of the social pyramid and masses that have lost the fear of joblessness and feeling of trust are pushed to hold on tightly to the existing structure. In brief, he states that the relation between social justice and effort is exploited in favor of capital and that the system multiplying its power with the fluidity of globalization gets its advantage from its discourse.

Those contemplating over how the new face of neo-nationalism and neo-liberalism will appear in a Darwinist structure also include theorists and intellectuals who have a critical approach to neo-liberal policies. It is certain that a considerable amount of intellectual circles, confused with the luminescence of the discourse that political liberalism is the guarantee of the democratic order, are going to have difficulty explaining the new situation. The results of the new alliance of nationalist politics and economic order already seem scary. The social cost of the Darwinist theory in which the strong living beings survive, is already frightening the West.

For example, the political map of France, where far-right politics is the strongest and is said to have guaranteed the second position in the presidential elections, sums up everything. Far-right party leader Marine Le Pen, who has announced her candidacy in the presidential race, is considered to certainly make it into the second round. She stated that she will emphasize in her election campaign – in reference to Trump's victory – that central politics is her focus.

Continuing with France, the French prime minister warned that at this rate, the European Union might collapse. The source of his concern is not the future of France only, but also the Europe project. And he points to populist politicians competing in racist discourse, the refugee and terrorism danger as the reason. The asylum seeker problem and populism coming together means neo-nationalism and neo-liberalism becoming arm-to-arm and politically interfering in the economic situation that is in trouble. Looking at the names in capitalist politician Trump's cabinet that are starting to become clear is enough to show how this alliance is taking shape at the top.

Europe, which has given legitimacy to the idea that they have more of a right to live and to live under better conditions compared to the rest of the world through the socialist Darwinist theory as the scientific grounds of this idea, is going to be even more merciless toward those who want a share in the cake in the new period.

Administrations that have lost their reasonability will either question their own values or become aggressive to maintain their power at the cost of marginalization and losing their balance. If we are able to see the historical marriage between conservatism and capitalism, we will not be surprised by the alliance between neo-liberalism and neo-nationalism.

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